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  1. I actually didn't know that.
  2. The Evander of Vegas S01E01
  3. Very political and neutral. Kinda difficult to get anything extra out of it. But then again that's what keeps CDC going. I love that we have Trevor and Jim here. For me its really hard not to like them. It is rather easy to like a person after having an unlikeable guy like Mike Gillis here for a long while. GMMG was a good fit for us for many years, but as we all know, he dropped the ball two seasons before being let go. And he really was a torture to watch during interviews. Just look at some old clips on youtube and say you can get something real, accurate or motivation outta any of his interviews. The only time he was interesting to watch was the presser back when he was signed as GM. Same goes for Torts. he was soft and smiley before the season, and became the same old same old the second things got tough. I have a feeling Willie isn't going anywhere for a few years, and even then it seems like he has the faith of the management and they are in sync. In a good way that is. WD has done a good job so far in my mind. I feel like he has a lot more to give us and that he doesn't deserve nearly as much criticism as he currently receives from our own fans.
  4. That is the 'problem'. I like both player and hope they have a bright future in the NHL. I just don't see either one fitting in as a regular. This makes me wonder; what's the point. I know, I know, depth and all. But Pedan actually should be able to crack a roster spot and get a 5-6 regular spot soon and he just doesn't seem to fit in anywhere with new regulars and potentials like Gudbranson, Tryamkin and even Sbisa still on the roster. Grenier is a good call-up but I can't see him making a big splash at the NHL level.
  5. It may be a plot to get someone to sign him in year, knowing he can't file for arbitration anymore.
  6. I'm really impressed with Brock and how he seems to be growing into a high quality character person. His stats on the ice and the way he plays a team game makes me really excited that we got him. I can't wait for the day to come when he plays his first game for us. It will really be an exciting day.
  7. Johan Hedberg
  8. And this is where my holidays from CDC goes into effect. Love the passion here, absolutely hate the unnecessary debating and flaming of management, coaching and players of the team during the summer. See you guys in a month. (unless the big trade happens, then I'll definitely stop by to read about who hands down won the trade) kind regards, Spooshy
  9. I think the only trade we really clearly lost was the Ballard one. And I kinda like our trading history with the Panthers and I hope to see a big one in the coming years again.
  10. You are not alone.
  11. Pretty crazy how much different kinda of a roster Utica will have this fall. It will be exciting to see how thats gonna look.
  12. Does it make my weener feel funny? No pun intended. Just wanted to get it outta my system.
  13. That is hilarious. It's like saying we got Ericsson and Bartkowski from Boston for a non existing 38th round pick and Boston got absolutely fleeced by the trading mastermind GMJB.
  14. Someone is gonna say I'm wrong, but that potential kinda reminds me of our defense in ca 1999 Mattias Ohlund Ed Jovanovski Adrian Aucoin Greg Hawgood Murray Baron Brent Sopel
  15. Sounds intriguing, but where would Vadim fit in? And the bigger question is; where would Hudler fit in and WHY!?