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  1. Heartwarming to hear the players say how much they liked Willie and his work ethic and his mentality of winning. I really enjoyed the three years he coached here, no matter how difficult it was. He wasn't the sparkling personality that some teams have, but he was a good guy to have here during this time.
  2. I feel they will sign one year contracts for a few years after this contract depending on their health and energy level.
  3. Gallant was just about the only coach I wanted here. Now with him not being available anymore I'm open to anyone. Green is my favorite at this point but I'll be happy with just about anyone. All the candidates are good quality coaches and I'm sure we'll sign the best one out there.
  4. I broke down and gave the simulatir a go... had our dear Canucks drafting 4th eight times, twice in 5th and finally had us 1st the last time. Won't be doing that again.
  5. What a nive person. Not the bighest fan of WD, but also didn't have that much against him either. Kinda sad to see him go, but this was the right move anyways. Thanks to Willie for the 3 years. Really had no shot with what we had to offer during his time. He in my mind made the best of it and I'm pleased with what he did here. No hard feelings at all. Now the ever so slow wait for the new coach to arrive. Can I already welcome Gerrard Gallant, or does it have to wait until it is announced?
  6. Unlucky beyond words. What is going on here... ?
  7. Major bugger! Really wanted to see Markus put up 20 goals this year.Would have looked good to have that in your first full year.
  8. And he did all this lying to us while he at the same time stated publicly multiple times before the deadline that he would be talking to guys about waving...?
  9. A little too early to quote me on it, but Granlund in my mind could be our next 35-40 goal scorer. He has the tools to do it. I'd like to see him with the Sedin's for the rest of the year and next year as well. Even if they are slowing down, they still have the eye for it and could set him up big time if they can find some permanent chemistry.
  10. Now there is a good metaphor. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  11. This was my initial thought as well. We really need some healthy players even if Sutter is okay. Utica is hurting pretty badly with all of their guys here all the time. Thet are in the hunt as well still.
  12. Quite an amount of quality coaches available. My personal preference would also be Gerard Gallant. I guess Travis Green is on the inside track here for us and he'll be in the mix if we decide to move on from Willie Desjardins. I don't actually have anything against Willie, nor do I feel we have to move there. But maybe it could be a good wake up call for the team if we get a new voice behind the bench. WD is a good coach, but we clearly don't have a great one. Remains to be seen.
  13. I'm usually not one to whine about bad calls and all. But that was a terrible bit of officiating and that cost us. I'm personally not a fan of this pointless coaches challenge and I would love to see this waste of time taken out of the game all together. I didn't like it to begin with and it is worse than I expected.
  14. I'm very excited about both trades. We got a very exciting player for Burrows in Dahlen, but we got more than just Goldobin when we moved Hansen. We also made sure we can protect both Baertschi and Granlund. Granlund to me is one of the most important parts we need to keep. He'll get 20 goals this year and still has lots room to improve. Haters been all over "Trader Jim" for making bad moves, but so far he's been solid on Sven and Granny. Pretty sure we will end up being happy with the Guddy trade too in the not-so-distant future. And not to mention the two most recent ones where we got Goldy and Dahlen for players we had to get rid of one way or the other anyways.