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  1. Hope it's a player going back and not a pic Edit: Zane MacIntyre going to NJ
  2. Edmonton clearly needs depth so this is a good thing. Ennis has bounced back a bit this year. He looked like he was done at some point.
  3. Isles finally get some more quality up front with Pageau and hopefully Parise. They really need this. They have so many other areas looking good. Lou is doing a great job over there.
  4. I'm still hoping we get him. Dont know why but I just do.
  5. Good call by NYR. Probably did't like the value that they were offered from others and held on. With Panarin, Kakko, Kreider etc they still have a good core to build around and aren't that far out.
  6. What a game that was! This game just jumpped past the one we played against Boston with the Cody Hodgson -goal
  7. I enjoy looking at our stats. Pleased to see that we’ll have 6 players with 20+ goals this year. Feels like a lot after the struggles we have had for years now. Toffoli of course has goals with the Kings, but that list doesnt even include Boeser that is a 20-30 goal guy going forward. And Gaudette too who is gonna be close at the end of the year. With what we have, going deep in the playoffs is possible, not easy, but a definite chance. Miller Pettersson Horvat Toffoli Pearson Virtanen Boeser Gaudette
  8. I think he was here last summer on vacation.
  9. I know. Being from Finland I’d like him representing us but its not quite accurate.
  10. Do the Minny announcers know anyone on our team? The said Mikko got hit by his coutryman (Virtanen). I didnt know he actually is Finnish
  11. Gotta say I don’t really like ehat I’m hearing from the minnesota broadcasting team. Calling Roussel a rat. He is engaged and does what he can to shake up the opposition, but he is far from a rat.
  12. I can see us getting another 5+ goal game here... Go Canucks Go!
  13. I think its a great idea! Reliable defenseman Chris Tanev is finally healthy and available to play games, lets play him in just 55 games this season!
  14. Spooshy is from Finland.
  15. I’d say Goldobin and Baertschi are going to be back up as soon as we have injuries here. Sending someone down doesnt mean they are not coming back up so I’m not too worried about it. And if one or both get claimed, good for them. Not the end of the world. It’s not a small business they are running, so tough calls have to be made every now and then.
  16. Soooo... is it safe to return to CDC full-time now or is it still crazy around here? Looking forward to reading factual and coherent posts here during the upcoming season. I’m excited to join in again as all the the explosive and perplexive summer stuff are now only a distant memory.
  17. With Matthews now as Captain Underpants, does anyone remember Patrick Kane being 50 Cent or something similar ways back?