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  1. What in the hell is up with the Blue Jays? Talk about bad pitching, only the triple-A Houston Astros are worse than the Blue Jays.
  2. Yeah, I remember when Ackley was actually projected to be able to hit, when he had an average over 270 as a rookie. Sure hasn't panned out that way. Nice to see that the Mariners are actually getting some hitting. With the way the A's are sinking right now, they could jump up into second in the AL West pretty quickly. That's a step in the right direction. Jumping the Rangers might be a little more challenging though. I love how the M's are so much better than the Angels despite a payroll of $50 million less. Gotta know who to commit your money to I guess. It's also pretty amazing that the Angels owe Pujols and Hamilton combined over $300 million before their respective contracts expire, but they're paying their best player $500,000. Somehow I think Trout might get a raise for next season.
  3. So yeah, Adeiny Hechavarria, whom you may remember from the "Remember him?" list, had a pretty decent day. First AB, smokes a 3-run triple off Roy Halladay. Then, with very little room to better that, he does anyways, coming up with the bases loaded again and chasing the Doc with a grand slam. That's 7 RBI in 2 innings to add to his previous career total of 18. In other notes, my how the mighty have fallen, as that unfortunate outing shoots Doc's ERA to somewhere between low earth orbit and Neptune. If last year was a warning sign, is this the year the wheels fall off completely for him? The Phillies are paying him $20 million this year, though I imagine they're pleased that his option for next year isn't going to vest.
  4. Well, one month into the season and too many unexpected surprises to even mention. The Rangers survived the loss of Josh Hamilton without missing a beat, while the Angels' retooling hasn't helped a lick to keep them from Houston Astros territory. Meanwhile, the loaded up Jays are floundering, erstwhile ace Ricky Romero is in the minors and the batters tend to be closer to Mendoza territory than All-star territory. Meanwhile the rebuilding Red Sox are dominating. Who'd a thunk?
  5. Paul Konerko made a really interesting point about the length of Quentin's suspension. Don Mattingly had suggested that Quentin should be suspended as long as Greinke was hurt for (Carlos ultimately received 8 games). But Konerko brought up that if a pitcher is buzzing a batter inside (as Greinke was with Quentin), and then hits him on the hand and breaks his wrist, that batter misses a couple of months. But it's just "part of the game" and the pitcher likely receives no supplemental discipline, nor do they even get ejected most of the time. What it boils down to is that batters have no recourse when they're unhappy with the pitcher. Sure, sometimes a teammate pitcher will throw at an opposing batter, but that's not the same. Not saying Carlos should've charged the mound, and he definitely deserved a suspension, just that the way pitchers and hitters are treated by the disciplinary process is unfair and Mattingly needs to accept that.
  6. Zack Greinke broke his collarbone in a fight with Carlos Quentin last night, after Quentin charged the mound in response to a plunking (the third time Greinke has hit him in his career). Now Quentin will be suspended, but Greinke is out 6-8 weeks. As a Giants fan (and thus, Dodger-hater) I'm not too upset.
  7. Sorry Bob, my wife's given me a few subtle hints that she thinks my fantasy sports playing is a waste of time. Sure, I could stand up to her, but when in the hell has a husband ever done that before?
  8. Wow, 8 years and $167 million for Buster. He's the best catcher in baseball, but that's a lot of money.
  9. I think the Mariners will be a better team this year. Unfortunately, so will the Angels and A's. However, losing Hamilton will be big for the Rangers, I don't know what to expect from them.
  10. Too bad for Canada. It was within the grasp. Pretty sad what's happened to Canadian pitchers (not just in WBC but in general in major league baseball). Jeff Francis, Adam Loewen, Rich Harden, Erik Bedard all unable to escape the injury bug. Ryan Dempster wildly inconsistent.
  11. Spring training means nothing, at all. Guys on the fringe are getting inflated playing time to audition them. Veterans secure in their spots are working on their weaker pitches, or practising hitting curve balls to the opposite field, or taking late game pinch hit at bats in lieu of starting. Ace pitchers are going 50 pitches in, power pitchers are throwing 85 mph. Once preseason hockey is over, does anyone remember which split squad won more games? Why should it be any different with baseball?
  12. I'm not sure I totally understand the point of the WBC. I mean, I like the idea of an international tournament, but this one just seems to have so little excitement around it. The players don't really care, there are far too few fans, it doesn't get much coverage in the media, and major league teams are very wary of it lest their players get hurt. I'll probably try and watch the Canada-USA game, but that's probably true for most fans, that there's one matchup they're actually interested in and the other ones will be empty stadiums and low ratings. This morning's South Korea-Australia matchup in Taiwan got 1,481 fans into the stadium.
  13. The finals are in San Francisco. I had half a mind to try and get tickets, but being that the odds of Canada being in it by then, I haven't really looked into it. Might still though.
  14. Brian Wilson is damaged goods. I think people are pretty happy with Sergio Romo as El Beardo, and he's actually able to stay on the field. Interestingly, I heard someone mention that Brian Wilson is a part owner of the bowling alley across from the stadium. Seems like a smart investment, that place is always packed especially after games. (Note: it's more like a bowling night club than a typical bowling alley, full of young well dressed people etc, one of the best places in the ballpark area to pick up.)
  15. Take it easy there T.R., you are talking to last year's winner (Shizzy, not me). Dr. Mullet is a two time winner (2008,2010 - see sig) and finished third last year. Don't underestimate Dr. Mullet.