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  1. [Report] Tyson Barrie suspended 3 games

    havent seen that game. does johnsons hit get looked at? that was nasty, even though it's perry the barrie hit was just a brainfart IMO...
  2. i have no clue how to add pics on CDC on my phone. i'm currently watching the game in a random bar on Oahu and these guys have a signed stick from Messier of the 94 game 7 .....weird
  3. Who has the best headshot?

    I know it probably shouldn't but....it actually pisses me off. Thanks :D
  4. I always enjoyed watching players like Torres, Ruutu, Kesler in the playoffs...even old-time Bieksa. This year I felt we were missing this high energy player. Like CGY had in Ferland i.e. I can't remember a situation where one of our guys tried changing the momentum. The last few seasons we always "just" tried to score. No retaliation after getting hit. No bumps after a whistle. Not trying to get into other guys' heads. Where was our guy that try to stir sh#t up? We always try to be that friendly "no we don't resort to this kinda stuff" team. Guess what, I think that side is needed during the playoffs. On the other hand, every time we tried that, WE got called on it (Torres, Rome, ie)... still...i'm missing this kind of player. Dorsett was useless unfortunately (even though he played a good regular season).
  5. CGY gets all the bounces...this is over
  6. Sorry about "blaming the refs" but that call on McMillan was pretty weak...
  7. [GDT] LAK vs Nux

    F u kings
  8. [GDT] LAK vs Nux

    Unbelievable. Hope that's a suspension for Toffoli!! Boom....made them pay for it
  9. List Your All Time Least-Favorite Canucks

    I started watching the Canucks in 2003 so I can't hate the obvious one (Messier). As many already pointed out, I don't hate players because they didn't perform. Two players that bugged me were Cody Hodgson and Mathieu Schneider. If I remember correctly Schneider had an attitude and wanted more ice-time even though he was slow and sucked...then he threw a hissy fit and was let go after a couple of games (or sent down to the AHL? Can't remember). Just terrible.
  10. Watched Mueller during the playoffs and he was invisible in the finals. Eventually, he was replaced... Showed flashes of brilliance during the regular season (in Switzerland that is...our league isn't exactly comparable to the NHL).
  11. ADF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    Lucic sometimes honestly just tries to hurt players.....he came from ca. 10 strides away
  12. ADF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    The Chin strikes yet again....woooo
  13. 2nd Round Playoff Intensity Drop Off?

    Mtl vs Bos is an awesome series, as predicted Chi vs Min and Pit vs Nyr are kinda dull. I have to admit I love their skilled players (Toews, Kane, Hossa), but for every great player they have one I hate (Seabrook, Keith come to mind, before it was the ratface ..whatever his name was...that now plays for TOR). PIT is all about Malkin and Crosby - and to a lesser extent Letang. If it weren't for them, Fleury would look more than average. Therefore, I couldn't care less how they do. I expected a lot out of ANA vs LAK. I read about how this is going to be a war etc. I love Selanne (and Hiller, me being Swiss), but I never thought they are a contender. LAK play an interesting style though. Doughty, while being a POS, is elevating his game, so are Carter, Richards and Quick. Referring to the guy above, who mentioned their "slow style", I thought they were quite entertaining to watch. But since ANA dropped the ball in the first 2 games, I fear this will end in a sweep.
  14. PDF: (1) Anaheim Ducks vs (3) Los Angeles Kings

    Honestly, I never believed ANA was that good. The LAK team is much better built. LAK, CHI or BOS will win it. MIN is like CBJ or DAL...in the playoffs because some team is the best of the worst MTL might have a chance but BOS hockey is tougher and more resilient. They never quit
  15. ADF: (1) Boston Bruins vs (3) Montreal Canadiens

    I gotta admit...BOS never quits. Still hate Marchand with a passion though