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  1. sometimes Sbisa reminds me of that retarded dog meme from 9gag
  2. I read somewhere about Tryamkin coming to camp not in shape... but what's his latest status. anybody seen him in practice? we are losing so many young prospects, seemingly for nothing in return. I had high hopes in Tryamkin. I fear he'll end up somewhere else in the NHL and it's gonna bite us in the rear...
  3. havent seen that game. does johnsons hit get looked at? that was nasty, even though it's perry the barrie hit was just a brainfart IMO...
  4. i have no clue how to add pics on CDC on my phone. i'm currently watching the game in a random bar on Oahu and these guys have a signed stick from Messier of the 94 game 7 .....weird
  5. I always enjoyed watching players like Torres, Ruutu, Kesler in the playoffs...even old-time Bieksa. This year I felt we were missing this high energy player. Like CGY had in Ferland i.e. I can't remember a situation where one of our guys tried changing the momentum. The last few seasons we always "just" tried to score. No retaliation after getting hit. No bumps after a whistle. Not trying to get into other guys' heads. Where was our guy that try to stir sh#t up? We always try to be that friendly "no we don't resort to this kinda stuff" team. Guess what, I think that side is needed during the playoffs. On the other hand, every time we tried that, WE got called on it (Torres, Rome, ie)... still...i'm missing this kind of player. Dorsett was useless unfortunately (even though he played a good regular season).
  6. Lucic sometimes honestly just tries to hurt players.....he came from ca. 10 strides away
  7. The Chin strikes yet again....woooo
  8. Honestly, I never believed ANA was that good. The LAK team is much better built. LAK, CHI or BOS will win it. MIN is like CBJ or DAL...in the playoffs because some team is the best of the worst MTL might have a chance but BOS hockey is tougher and more resilient. They never quit
  9. I gotta admit...BOS never quits. Still hate Marchand with a passion though
  10. This feels almost as sweet as if this was the Canucks winning Thornton hurt (Subban was just protecting himself right...right?), Julien looks like he is about to cry, Subban owning, Price is a monster.....oh Habs, I support ye
  11. Hahaha Couture gets a minor cause Muzzin is absolutely selling that elbow I'm loving this so much...
  12. Can't believe what's going on here Seabrook should be suspended for 64932ot3ow games...what a piece of s### Lot of questionable "hits" from CHI in this game
  13. I am deeply disappointed in how Vancouver treated Luongo. I don't know much about how other teams treat their players but what we did with Lu was, IMO, handled poorly. No respect for him at all. Not playing him for the Heritage Classic was the final straw...how can how give him this kind of contract and not stand behind him as the #1? They should have traded him a long time ago. I fear that other players now hate coming here. Moreover, we now have Santorelli, Matthias and Richardson. to me, they're all 3C...what's the plan there?
  14. He should be suspended for going to the Flames locker room. That was over the top. I don't think the NHL gives a rats a$$ about who fights whom...
  15. It is what it is. I mean at least Torts was honest about it. Hartley saying that he sent those guys out because they scored a goal last game is total BS. A guy with 3 FOs this season? Sure...looking for a goal. Give me a break