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  1. I think its possible. He seems to be the better coach then Rampage, by far. Rampage seems like a guy who can motivate though. I think Kimbo was over-coached a little. Sure he needed to learn some grappling and clinching, but they should have told him to go all out with his strikes. He was overly cautious IMO. I mean it was Randy from the Trailer Park Boys he was fighting. If there is ever a rematch I say Kimbo knocks him out.
  2. I never seen Dana White so repulsed at the winner of the fight.
  3. I'm still choked about that fight. I think they just stopped it because Kimbo was getting T bagged for the whole fight, not because of his Roy Nelsons punches. What the hell was that? How the hell can someone so pudgy hit so lightly? I wanted to see a knockout, and was disappointed when Nelson got him back on the ground, I knew Kimbo wasn't escaping any mount. Well, at least Kimbo was close to knocking him out at one point.
  4. Agreed. The bigger guys get winded a lot faster. Not only was he sucking air, he appeared to just give up. I was kind of disappointed when McSweeney didn't take full advantage.