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  1. that silva fight was FISHY in my opinion. watch his past fights, especially Griffen, and tell me that was the same guy. he just stands there and lets chael punch him at will? he just lays on the ground and doesn't try anything. he's got long powerful legs and lets chael break out of a body triangle with no effort? that was a weirdazz fight....
  2. time and time again lately, the ufc is proving to be the least entertaining of the big fight organizations. there seems to be very little "martial arts" these days and a lot of bad boxing mixed with wrestling. these guys are training the excitement right out of the sport. its like trap hockey....
  3. we started a drinking game last night for every time Weekes chimed in with another one of his brutal - Capt. Obvious comments. Needless to say I'm a complete pile today..
  4. photobooth sedin