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  1. Brian Lawton ‏@brianlawton9 12m12 minutes ago Dan Hamhuis controls his destiny. Talk of waiving no trade for 1 of 3 teams. Could still return @VanCanucks as UFA. CHI, LAK, WAS. #champion
  2. = The Caribbean's Biggest Canuck Fan

  3. It's not a's an eight head. It's like 2 foreheads merged into one.
  4. Winner Winner...Chicken Dinner!
  5. Mike Commodore: = WWF's Hillbilly Jim??
  6. Ben Eager: = Bald Britney? Dion Phaneuf: = Beeker from the muppets. Except Beeker has a smaller forehead, and plays better defence.
  7. Where in the Caribbean do you live?

  8. Me down the road @ the beach. Not exactly a hockey hotbed where I live, but I make do.
  9. Ummm...what does that mean?? I'm confused... It's 30-35C and 90%+ humidity everyday here, and I love it. Heat >>>> Cold Although, Air Conditioning is my mistress.
  10. Sunny and 29 where I live today.
  11. There were turtles where I was snorkeling...but not in this shot. (Didn't notice any 'giant' ones though) That was later on. The dark crap is just a big-donkey coral head.
  12. all my glory.
  13. No Canuckfan - It's not mine. It's ME.. after all, I AM The Big Dog! :)

  14. Is that Basset your dog, I am 1st a Basset fan then a Canucks fan. I have two Bassets myself. Hope you enjoy living in the Caribbean. Go Canucks.