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  1. That's what I was thinking. With the abundance of forwards the Canucks have, they'll probably lose Boucher if placed on waivers. If they trade for and sign Kerfoot, they can have him play/develop in Utica without the risk of losing him for a year or so. My trade proposal gives a 30 day window for Canucks to sign him. If he doesn't sign, like my proposal suggests, they'll get a pick in return and at least get something. Devils, by the sounds of it aren't going to sign Kerfoot and lose him for nothing so they at least get a player for it, (Boucher).
  2. To Devils: Reid Boucher To Canucks: Rights to Kerfoot, Conditional 5th round pick* *Condition: If Kerfoot signs with Canucks, Pick goes away. Why it happens: Boucher was origanally Devils property and I'm sure they'd like to have him back and I'm not sure Kerfoot signs with them so at least they get something. Canucks have to many forwards. Although Boucher looked promising last year, I'm not sure he makes the team, gets placed on waivers/sent down, and the Devils claim him back. So at least the Canucks get something. Win-win for both teams.
  3. 2 out 3 (or 4) ain't bad. I like our moves yesterday, nothing flashy just solid.
  4. I suggested Canucks should sign Anders Nilsson in the Miller thread. Maybe they read it? My other preferences: Jordan Weal, F Patrick Wierciosh, D And maybe take a chance on Nail Yakupov. I think some forward movement (trades) has to happen though.
  5. Go with Bachman as backup or give someone else like Anders Nilsson a shot. He had decent numbers in Buffalo last year and being from Sweden might form nice chemistry with Markstrom (and Danny and Hank and Loui and Alex etc.)
  6. Button's last mock draft has Canucks taking Glass. 1. Hischier 2. Patrick 3. Heiskanen 4. Makar 5. Glass 6. Vilardi 7. Liljegren 8. Mittelstadt 9. Pettersson 10. Tippett
  7. To Canucks: Andrew Ladd, LW To Islanders: Loui Eriksson, LW/RW Reasoning: Firstly, both would have to waive their NMC. Both have roughly the same contract (Ladd has one more year). Ladd = $5.5 AAV (Salary remaining is 7.5+6+5+4+4+4=30.5) Eriksson = $6 AAV (Salary remaining is 8+7+5+4+4=28) Ladd is from Maple Ridge (closer to home) Eriksson I don't think liked the high pressure and high travel hockey market so he gets away to a low key less travel team. Plus he gets to play with Tavares. Ladd is better suited for Pacific Division (I think). Vice versa Eriksson in the Metropolitan. Both had so-so years point wise although Ladd had a quiet 23 goals which isn't too shabby. Anyways, just killing time until the draft. Cheers. SF
  8. The second rounder is for the 2017 draft.
  9. And also with you.
  10. Just a straight one for one deal...kind of...stunned.
  11. Philly retains some salary as well. Edit: 50% of each salary. Well, at least a trade actually happened. Let the dominoes fall...
  13. I like Sutter more than Bonino, but if tanknation is on and since he's UFA next year he could easily but flipped at the Trade Deadline for a high pick/prospect.
  14. Basically a wash then.