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  1. Would you like my bank code, SIN number, and latest medical charts too?
  2. Apparently here in Coquitlam we're responsible for mowing the boulevard (grassy area between the sidewalk and the road) in the area fronting our property. So they sent a letter to my strata. Of course, as it turns out, at one end is another property, and in the middle is a creek under the jurisdiction of the city. So I went to city hall, and simply asked if I could plant alternate vegetation, turn it into a graveled area, etc. When that didn't work I asked them to delineate which areas are my jurisdiction, their jurisdiction, and the mega home across the creeks jurisdiction, and asked them when they planned on mowing their section. Since then, it's seems to mow itself, and I haven't heard a thing since! You would think that cities would manage their own property...... Also, you have to wonder if they plow the sidewalks where theirs parks, or a property they have under their control. Do the banks come and shovel out in front of foreclose properties? It's a really dumb system. Get some bloody bobcats Put the snow removal equipment in storage if we go four years without snow. They have hundreds of attachments that let them be used all year long. Other cities use this, and I have never run into a contractor that didn't have a couple in their arsenal for doing just about everything under the sun. (In my experience; excavation, sawcutting, pavement milling, street sweeping, just off the top of my head, and I just say some of them out east kicking ass salting and clearing sidewalks).
  3. Of course. But I was simply bebunking your "it will knock down a bridge" argument. That's all. Cruise and container ships are the biggest ships of the sea these days, and we already see lots of those, and plan on seeing more. If there was an accident, having it in the already polluted inner harbour, where there's the best ability to respond quickly, while being bad, would be the most effective place to deal with a potential mishap, rather than a far off port. Besides, simply fighting the pipeline to stop the oilsands won't work. It will just mean more oil transported by train.
  4. Also, good luck parking one of these.... In fact I think it's cruise ships that push the limits more than anything else on a regular basis. But those are a lot harder to vilify....
  5. Sure, lots of people do! Even Wikipedia! Apparently it's 61m. Short answer: Not high enough to fit the biggest ships in the world, but big enough to fit almost all of them, as of right now. Hence: Why it might be a good idea to raise it. The width is not a problem, huge width. Ship would probably run aground before it hit a pier or something. Either way lots of space that way.
  6. It's not like you listen to professional engineers. Large vessels routinely go under the Lion's gate bridge. There are special rules in place for when it's a dangerous cargo run. It's why you can't run a seabus out to West Van or Bowen Island from the current terminal in the inner harbor. Even without any increase in oil, don't be surprised if the trend of more and bigger ships accessing the inner harbor, be it to transport containers, grain, or god forbid oil, continues to increase. Tugs, harbor pilots, etc. allow many ships to transverse far more perilous straights than the first narrows on a day to day basis. It's not like it's a new concept, nor something that happens on a day to day basis. Now, if you want to RAISE the Lion's gate bridge, you would be on to something, And no, not to allow for bigger oil vessels, if you see the trend on container ships, like airplanes, they are getting increasingly super sized.
  7. I provide a level of effort reflective of what is given to me.
  8. Most low lying areas already have storm protection/dykes/walls. They will just need to be raised. Sure it will cost a lot of money, but it's not the end of the world.
  9. Asking everyone one to shovel off a public area fronting their property, be it whether they are even in town, or at work, or of able body, or have the time, or can even find a bloody place to buy a snow shovel (I went to five places before I left town for Christmas, no luck), well, that isn't the most progressive or thoughtful idea. At best you get a series of clean, then icy, then clean, etc. Not that it's a problem for me, and not that I can't park my vehicle in a snow bank or through complete unplowed residential streets, but this policy need to be looked at. You can get bobcats that have mower attachments for the summer, and when the time comes up, a plow or even salt deploying device that can slowly but surely plow sidewalks just fine. Either way rain is here but don't be shocked if the El Nina next year is even worse.
  10. ROFL. Good thing they prioritized the transit routes! Also, do they not make snow tires for buses? I know that the ones I have for my truck (the softer rubber kind you can only really use in the winter) also have much better traction in the rain. Also, whenever there's snow like this, they should simply declare it a "snow day" and make it illegal to drive without proper tires (snowflake mountain) same as on the interior highways. After the declaration, if they need to get towed back, load them up with a fine. Maybe that might help with the chaos every time it snows.
  11. I think too many municipalities took that "will turn to rain" as gospel as it doesn't look like they bothered running plows and salt trucks at night while it was piling up. Good call that one....
  12. That would be a VERY expensive tunnel. Also, it would have to go BELOW the bottom of the channel for navigational purposes. If anything, you need to raise the bridge. And seeing how it's a designated heritage structure, it's unlikely to be replaced. So get used to the status quo.
  13. Route : Beside the existing pipe for the overwhelming majority of it. Some times it will move to avoid sensitive stuff. Spills: Sure there's been a few, but overall it's been minimal. Far less risk of spills than transport by train. Jobs: Not a ton of them in BC, but lots in the rest of Canada. BC is not a nation. But it does gain a lot being a port. So you have to take the good with the bad. Tax Revenues: As part of Christy's demands, the info on that is yet to come. Liability: By all means ask the feds to cover anything above and beyond the companies portion. Local fuel needs: We're fine. Besides, shouldn't we all be riding bikes or taking transit? Spill Response: Also part of Christy's demands. Let's just see what they are promising.... Health Risks: Just use the health risk of the bitumen in your bike lane. Unless you skid into it, your probably fine. If it spills in the water, vacuum it up, and ship it back to Alberta. Public Opinion: Depends on who you ask, and how you ask the question. Besides, BC opinion is irrelevant. It's actually up to the Feds. If they win Christy over, they will consider us "consulted".
  14. Does this mean you are also opposed to cruise ships (which often run bunker fuel, have spills too, and have CO2 emissions through the roof), not to mention all the maritime traffic that carries grain and all the commodities that flow in and out of Canada? Because scenes like these happen with these kinds of events as well. Not to mention, if it's from the recent spill, it's partly tied to a barge mishap bringing supplies to a coastal native community. Might not be able to support those either unless they get back into manning longboats, and even then, they would have to do with a lower quality of life as it would be much harder to bring them supplies..... BTW, why does the King of Surrey have jurisdiction over the coast? Your only coastal area is Boundary bay, and your people already polluted the hell out of that!
  15. It has the support of the feds that have the right to overrule anyone that gets in the way of the national interest. You have a strange view of dead. But I suppose a partisan only sees the things that supports their ideas and doesn't worry about things like federal approval or even our own premier on the edge of giving her blessing. If your going to win people over, at least try to be truthful.....