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  1. I will have to make sure I turn on Steam and get it going, on account of I already paid and all. Much easier to turn off posting here than give up computer time or actually going to the games, my now favorite free time invaders....
  2. Well that and I once saw them in the Commodore Ballroom a while back.
  3. I tried to buy with the passion of a camper and the skills of an engineer. Of and the pride of being a season ticket holder to the canucks, where we are supposed to have first pass. Good thing they gave that one up to the scalpers. Very noble!?! So mad........
  4. Four minutes in, no tickets. WTF? Scalpers running 20 computers with 500 browsers picking them all up? &^@# me.......
  5. Glad you are impressed!
  6. How todays population would have fared even a couple generations back when disease and war impacted everyone makes me happy for how much better our lives are but weep for the kind of weak willed, entitled riff raff that now can't even manage to enjoy it.....
  7. I actually do that all the time. More likely the more beer I have had.
  8. So are they going to table it to put a smile on his dying face, wait for him to die, and then vote it down? Either way there's definitely more important things to be doing... Handy tip! Just like I won't change the way I sing it because the feds might take out "sons" or "god" or who knows what next, by all means (and this is directed at everyone, not you) sing it the way you like. I take no responsibilities for the actions of others should and of you go too far though....
  9. Irony!!!! It's easy for immigrant to be native. Just do like every other immigrant has done in the past. Come here, declare it your land, and voila, you too can be native! Just have to walk the walk instead of crying in a corner.
  10. The songs about Canada, not Canadians. It's about respecting the country, not the people. And it does a fine job of it.
  11. Me. I was born here. If you mean the Indian act version, my sister. I ever want to own the lake so I can go drink beer at it sans consequence I just bring her.
  12. Me. I was born here. Or if you are looking for the Indian act version, my sister. If I ever need to actually OWN the lake we are going to go drink beer at, I just bring her.
  13. Anyone try to get presale tickets? Like everyone, logged in at ten, after 15 minutes of it thinking, said none available. Checked stub hub, thousand dollar tickets all over. I like that there's often priority for season ticket holders for concerts at Roger's Arena. Too bad it never seems to be for the one's I want to go to.
  14. A future bike path in a neighbourhood I have zero chance of living in. Meh. Why build light rail? It's not exactly dense, the corridor doesn't connect to anything (and would be costly to do so), and runs through a less than dense area that would have people burning torches and picking up pitchforks if they tried to densify it. It's like trying to go back 10 years to redo the Canada. Too late guys.....
  15. You think all they don't pay for offshore foreign workers!?! Probably not going to jump up and down to explain that particular cost increase..... Mind you, given that so much of your average pension plan or Canadian mutual fund that the oldies have in their RRSPs is based on those massive profit machines, don't expect any government of any stripe to really do anything about it other than token gestures to keep the masses happy.