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  1. Sorry, it's still going to happen. Even if you don't use it to run your car, you still need it for chemicals and stuff.
  2. They are getting rid of the portion of ICBC that chases and puts blame etc. on the at fault driver. Again still shocked about the amount of layoffs at ICBC (in a good way) that will happen. Saw Eby on the news this morning. I am no fan of the NDP but it looks like they are getting this right.
  3. You think the point of insurance is to pay out benefits, or is it to collect premiums?
  4. Ya it doesn't do them any good to sound like the NDP and say stuff like "won't they just think about rates for young people???". Sound like an actually right of centre like me! A good quote would be "Their putting lawyers out of work and firing entire divisions at ICBC! Not a bad start!" Or if you want to be harsh the comment from the Canadian taxpayers federation "Changing the flat tires on a broken car. We will see if rates go down..." (AKA we want privatization, and we will believe what you are saying when we see it" is still an upgrade, and that a hyper partisan one to boot!
  5. Oh, if only there was no fault divorce out there as well. Nothing like tossing some lawyers into the most emotional part of someone's life. Make sure the kids are pawns in the game. Marriage is the worst contract anyone (that earns money that is) can ever sign.
  6. It certainly is right now. By the sounds of it they won't be needing the ICBC lawyers anymore. The payouts will be predetermined based on what a doctor tells them. Could this be resulting in massive layoffs at ICBC!?! Colour me shocked to see the NDP do THAT!!!
  7. Get third party insurance. Long term disability insurance is a thing.
  8. Glad the chaos was avoided. You only need a two hour shutdown at one station due to a jumper or some vandal tossing something on the tracks to see how important the skytrain is. What needs to happen is that enough switches or whatever is needed to run the train 24/7, 365 days a year, as an essential service, is a short term goal. This could be done along with a project (not cheap I know) to increase the length of the station. Heck, some bypass tracks should be put in to allow for express service. The existing skytrain is so busy this days that some serious thought needs to be put in to expand it's capacity.
  9. Man, it's going to suck that instead of using Braid station to get downtown, I just take the 153 or 156 into Port Moody, and then take the 160 into town. Or just take the 99B from Laughead station. Ooops, none of those routes existing anymore due to the skytrain. (Well maybe the 160 does? But how to get to it?) These 700 or so people going on strike, how many of them actually operate the computer controlled train? Is it that big a deal to just open the gates, have management run the train, and keep it moving? if many of the people are security, how is this not an essential service? For me the only downside is not drinking at Canucks games. But for much of the lower mainland, it's basically saying they can't get to work or school. For many, there's absolutely no alternative. The buses there's work arounds, but not the skytrain. You don't need to legislate a contract, but legislate them back to work. Suspend pay for both parties in the meantime if you want to put the pressure on.
  10. Smart money? I suppose it's why most people loose money in the stock market. If stock prices are low, of course you should sell! It's not going anywhere! The world has enough oil already, and we have made the full transition to green energy! Of course, all that oil is used for energy. You don't need it to say make a road, or plastics, or lubricants for your electric car. So clearly you divest at a moment when the price is low. 'cuz it's going to zero right? In the bright side, don't have to hear about all the big bucks big oil is making these days!
  11. I sure hope you don't use it for anything (you must cycle or walk or skytrain everywhere) and make sure you are all electric for everything else right? If not blood is on your hands too!
  12. Why the hell would you put in a sales tax if it just resulted in more positive income that would be taken away by equalization? That's the problem with equilization. It's a disincentive to balance budgets or reign in spending.
  13. When you go to the single game tickets under the "tickets" page, it just goes to a page touting four game packs. No matter where I click, it just goes back to that. Don't matter if it's Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. You might have trouble selling tickets if the only option is to bulk buy......
  14. China can't beat the US financially, that's for sure. If they keep their game up of blocking shipments and stuff, the US can just default on the TRILLIONS of dollars they owe China, stop buying their stuff, etc. China will have the economic prospects of North Korea if they keep it up....
  15. Wow, didn't expect that! I just wonder how much it costs. I don't think they have any easy job. And like EVERYONE in Vancouver there's no way the pay matches the cost of living. But I just wonder how much it's going to cost us, you know, for like budgeting reasons.