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  1. Right now Rodin is being beaten out by Virt and Boeser. Right now Boeser is beating out most of the team, regulars included. If Virt goes up and down as required, I would understand it. But unless something changes radically for Boeser, you know the whole "those who earn it make the team" vs. "insert money or politics or other reasons" will be tested for sure if he doesn't make the team. Rodin hasn't shown anything at the NHL level yet. Virt and most definetly Boeser have.
  2. Rodin has been outplayed by both so far. I won't cry in my cornflakes if we end up loosing him.
  3. I could find spots for both without even trying. Put them both on the fourth line with Burmistrov. You protect them from too much big matchups, it's got enough grit, and look-out in can score! Definitely Boeser, and depending on your need, Virt, can get some PP time for sure as well. Dorset is still kind of injured. So what if he's the extra forward? There's going to be those kind of guys. Gaunce is still injured. We have time for hard decisions. As for the rest of the forward group? Let's just say we will be sellers at the deadline again. They will get games in this year for sure.
  4. How many sweet goals does Boeser have to score before he makes the team? To me, it seems odd, that the guy that has the best shot, on a team that hasn't been able to score in years, is anything but a lock......
  5. No kidding. Talked to my rep last week and they said should be this week. It better be, already have a distribution with my friends set up for Friday night......
  6. Governments can intervene by crashing the economy. That's always a good way to start a housing reset. Who would imagine NDP governments in BC AND Alberta, at the same time! Fun times.....
  7. Too bad it's already come up, and he wasn't even premier yet! I wonder how much his union buddies are going to push him to bring this back now! Is he going to cave, and fight the Greens? Or is he going to mow down his own grass roots? Not an easy choice!
  8. BC is also not keen on extreme left wing politics. Horgan can try to govern from the centre. But if he does, the knives will come out from within his own party. There's a reason you don't have a big tent on the left. It's far to extreme and passionate to govern from the centre for long...... Ergo if your the liberals, just sit back and watch it implode. Unlike a majority government where you have to suffer for years, a small amount of infighting will trigger an election on it's own, exactly at the right time!
  9. Nope, just procedure. Now if she leaves a pile of dog crap in the premiers office, you might be on to something, but I doubt something like that happens.
  10. It's always better to vote for corrupt. Sure, they may steal a few eggs from the golden goose. But their not going to eat it for dinner.
  11. That's the legal system! I am right, your are wrong, and your just messing with the system! I am following procedure, and you are not! You don't have the people's interest in mind, I do!
  12. Na, Christy should just ask the LG to see if Horgan wants to form government. Let them start putting out their partisan stuff like banning the secret ballot in union elections (what is this, 1935?), wait for a nice little dust-up between the greens and NDP, and then start putting out votes that may eventually bring down the government on it's own. A year or two of the NDP will be the best ad campaign for the liberals ever! Especially if they do something crazy like cancel site C, or new regulations in mining or logging (a great way to get every interior mayor ready to burn down the legislature). Heck, just the general fear and the likely decrease in the economy will be all the wakeup call she would need from the province. A year or two of pointing out stupidity? Now THAT is a great campaign!
  13. I only take it as her trolling the greens and NDP.
  14. When I saw the picture all I thought was "Could he score". Stats say HELL YES! Then read the rest? Damn, this guy could totally bomb. But the ceiling? The thought brings a tear to my eyes. Not sure it exists. Bertuzzi with a brain. Dare to dream.
  15. I like this pick a lot. WHLer with some grit, room to grow, and skill. Nice!