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  1. 12 countries reach Tran-Pacific Trade agreement

    LOLZ!!!! You know where you are right?
  2. 12 countries reach Tran-Pacific Trade agreement

    Sure. All we need is to multiply our population by ten, eliminate working conditions and environmental rules, and generally scoff at trademark. Will need the army (and the nukes now that I think of it) to actually get away with it AND continue to do business.
  3. 12 countries reach Tran-Pacific Trade agreement

    Exactly. If Canada wants to put up a wall the only thing we will be keeping out is money.....
  4. 12 countries reach Tran-Pacific Trade agreement

    Sure, let's start setting up a bunch of trade barriers. They will certainly help fix any perceived bubbles in the stock (or housing, or anything you can name) market. If Canada doesn't play ball we will be left behind. If you think that makes us powerless, I hate to tell you, but we already are......
  5. Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    Yup. Which is why one should look at Japan as we start having an economy and demographic profile that mimics theirs. In good news for the Millenials, there's probably going to deflation in things like housing, and it's looking that saving (no need to hoarde shiny metals or buy into the S&P 500) will be a good bet over the next decade. Of course, there's still going to be some productive parts of the economy that will be nice to have some ownership in as well.
  6. Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    On the other hand, it's a great example showing that the rate of return, over 2500 years, for gold is zero. Still just sits there looking shiny..... Sure, someone that stuffed dollar bills into their mattress would be SOL.... Of course, the truly rich people would advocate neither. They tend to invest in things that actually do something and make money, the form of which is of course relatively irrelevant so long as you can exchange it at will. But hey, why worry about math and logic?
  7. Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    Feel free to undercut them and lend me money at negative interest. I will happily let you pay me to borrow money!
  8. Investing in the stock market - Discussion

    Good ol' Why talk about investing when you can argue with metal licking conspiracy theorists?
  9. Compass Cards Available to Order Online Now

    That's the thing. There's no surefire way to tell... I am wondering if I should either... A) get a compass card B ) get faresavers C) Just ride the bus for free or park at work and take the train with regular fare When I go to Canucks game. On Saturday I did C) park at work, but typically I like to have beers at the game.
  10. Compass Cards Available to Order Online Now

    Are the fares cheaper with a compass card? The trip planner sure seems to think so....
  11. Well the trip planner doesn't help.... If I put in bus to skytrain it seems to think that I have to pay even MORE than I do know because of the fun I have from being just over the zone boundary in Coquitlam and the duel zone nature of Braid station..... It's kind of funny. Translink and the planning community as a whole abhore the idea of putting park and rides near the skytrain, preferring we all take a bus there. Then not only do they make the buses pathetic and not oriented towards getting to skytrain (in Coquitlam they are STILL oddly all routed via the library on the top of the hill) but they make the fare system convoluted. You would think their own website would have it correct..... And people wonder why translink lost the vote.....
  12. From what I get from the flowchart on their website the number of zones = number of zones you travel in on skytrain. So if you take skytrain from surrey to downtown for the game, it would be three. If you are like me and take a bus from Coquitlam to Burnaby, and then skytrain downtown for the game, it used to be three zones, but will now be two. If this sounds confusing, that's because it is. Of course, I could go backwards to Coquitlam Centre, and then take the 160/190? (can't remember exact bus but I saw it downtown the other day) that runs along Barnett all the way downtown for a single fare!
  13. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Maybe the Hitmen are still pissed they didn't draft Nylander. I hope they play against each other one day and Jake blows him up. Maybe that will win over the crowd. But I doubt it.
  14. Jake Virtanen Talk

    They can do some video session vis a vis the mistakes. No reason to send him down right away, at least fully indoctrinate him before he goes.....
  15. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Did you see the game tonight? At least twice I saw him win a puck battle before or right near centre, streak down the wing going wide on the defender, and still get the puck on net? I think that's pretty much the definition of pushing the puck back. Only in Vancouver do they poo poo and second guess the home grown power forward that dreamed to be on the Canucks and is doing everything he can to do just that as a 19 year old.