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  1. It just occurred to me that Marc Crawford’s appearance and mannerisms are like a whitewashed Henry Rollins. Then realized they were born the same day. Perhaps long-lost un-identical twins separated at birth?!
  2. My all-time favourites! I remember an early-80's Coach's Corner when the Don said he would become the coach of the Canucks if they'd lose the jerseys. That sounded awesome at the time, but I was only about 8. By the time I was 14 I could tell the difference between a hockey mind and a showman.
  3. In fact, she's gone on record that she's never even met Jeff Brown.
  4. How you feeling these days TS? Ive been going through an extremely hard time in a different way and recently explained things to a good friend - he replied that I’m seeing light through the clouds (the clouds are still big and dark). Any chance you’re also starting to see at least some light?
  5. For all the hoopla about Makar being better than Hughes - I’ll take the one who’s a full year younger.
  6. I’m foreseeing Gaudette smashing his way into that core over the remainder of the season. I think we’re flush with utility players and potential in goal. I guess I’m optimistic, but maybe we’re only one super-legit D-man away from being mostly set.
  7. What I’m most excited about currently is that Gaudette is getting close to 0.7 ppg.
  8. Agreed! It would be killer to have a third scoring line. I think we still have too many +/- 0.5 ppg guys though to make three effective scoring lines. You still get left with Bo having to carry sub-par Top 6 scorers. I don't even know how to look this up, but I think Gaudette is currently second on the team in Points-Per-60 behind Petey. I'd like him in the Top 6 as soon as possible.
  9. Serious question - what do you base your assumptions on (both that Lockwood won't sign and that he won't make the NHL?)
  10. I feel like a healthy Sutter will mean a new deployment for Gaudette. Most likely as 2nd RW, but perhaps even with Petey and Miller to finally give Bo a super-legit winger?!
  11. Maybe he's looking for some payout money to help him pay to members of public he's been accosting.
  12. I’m okay with it too. Pearson and Leivo will be a nice line surrounding Sutter when he returns. If the Virtanen experiment can click, Gaudette can just slide into a scoring role beside Bo and Miller. Those lines could work for me!
  13. Cooke?! How could you have wanted Cooke gone? For everything that he became after he left here? People forget that when he was a Canuck he was pure gold.
  14. If I were betting, I'd bet he's a whole lot happier here getting legit top 6 minutes and being a key piece of the team. Maybe New York was more like that for him, but I don't think Tampa was a very positive experience for him. And yeah, if he's a bit scowly when the team is blowing leads, I can get behind that.