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  1. His playoff stats are better than his regular season stats in both the O and the A. When we used to care about playoff performance, that was always a good sign.
  2. Exactly how I feel
  3. It was AV's time to leave, but is it ok to still miss him and wish him the best?
  4. Yes, that makes better sense, thanks!
  5. Can someone explain why it's always Edler or Tanev that is dangled in these discussions? Why wouldn't we trade Hutton instead (no NTC, LHD)? Do we just not believe we'd get as much value for him?
  6. Kreider makes $5m this year. On a percentage basis, that's like a dude who makes $50,000 getting hit with a $50 fine. It's not nothing, but it's not much more than nothing.
  7. That's nothing, check out this photo of the 1986 Campbell Conference All Star team
  8. That's what I was thinking. Usually abroad has pretty good insight; this still reads as someone with full grip on their logic while being entirely insane. I specifically like the drunken bravado in baiting them to prove him wrong. It reads as if he truly hopes they will.
  9. Does anyone remember that first 20 games or so the following year all the teams were shooting on Clouts from centre ice, thinking they could score an easy goal? It must have been infuriating for him, but it made our transition out of the zone so much easier!
  10. I wonder something everytime it's suggested we should make a lopsided deal because Larssen - Hall. I wonder why it's assumed that we would be the huge winner in the deal, isn't it just as likely that we would be the huge loser?
  11. I'm cooking up some Vanilla Nut Taps
  12. Complete or not, two-way-middle-six players are a dime-a-dozen in this league and are the reason the Canucks always seem to have 12 middle six guys on the roster. I'm not saying Sutter is a dime-a-dozen type of player, but maybe JB doesn't get laughed at if you add Hutton to your proposal.
  13. One of those guys has hit 20 goals twice in 5 full campaigns. The other, being two years younger, has hit 20 goals 5 times in 5 full campaigns. One of those times it was 30 goals. Sutter's highest point total is 40, Duchene has beaten that 6 different years with a high of 70. I think the Hall-Larsson standard may be being stretched.
  14. I swear it's been every shot all game. Does anyone track save percentage specific to rebound shots? He's only let in two out of about 100...