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  1. So, to reiterate, once he signs to play for the Canucks nobody will continue to doubt he’ll play for the Canucks? And once he actually plays nobody will continue to doubt he can actually play? Some bold predictions out here.
  2. nzan

    Meme Thread

    Actually BoKnows is doing it right. If you’re anti-Leaf it infers at least some amount of emotional connection (even if that emotion is negative). It’s far more dismissive to be totally and entirely indifferent.
  3. hasn't scored in months
  4. A couple of comments above are mentioning a possibility of Tryamkin ... I was of the belief that he's unavailable in any scenario this year. Can someone comment on whether that is the case or if there is some shred of possibility that he could be with us this year?
  5. Agreed - that all feels pretty close to my guesses on how things unfolded. Except I don’t think Linden was ever meant to be merely a figure-head, not from his perspective or anyone in the organization. He’s a serious, respectable and thoughtful hockey man. Truthfully, his long-approach still would have been the better approach if Petey and Hughes weren’t making Benning look so correct.
  6. Man I love Larionov.
  7. Five lines and Eriksson still can't crack it
  8. That's my issue with the above discussion surrounding this playoff winner being 'asterisked' The new first round essentially replaces the dozen missed games from the regular season. After that it's playoffs as normal. Were those missed regular season games so crucial that they amount to a whole new regard for this years playoffs? I think no.
  9. Sounds fun, I’m gonna try to play. Same login/registration still from Page 1?
  10. I'm mostly just amazed that CDC seems to have evolved from "would of, could of, should of" to would haves. Way to English folks.
  11. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is the most complete Top 6 the Canucks have ever had. I know that seems ridiculous, but I don't know if the Canucks have ever had 6 legitimate Top 6 players on the top two lines since I started watching in '82. Even 2011 we had maybe 5, the year prior maybe 6...I would count Raymond in 2010 but not in 2011.
  12. And three, having guys play with excellent young players like Petey and Hughes somehow gives these guys an extra boost - whereas they used to be good players, now they seem to turn into excellent players
  13. It just occurred to me that Marc Crawford’s appearance and mannerisms are like a whitewashed Henry Rollins. Then realized they were born the same day. Perhaps long-lost un-identical twins separated at birth?!
  14. My all-time favourites! I remember an early-80's Coach's Corner when the Don said he would become the coach of the Canucks if they'd lose the jerseys. That sounded awesome at the time, but I was only about 8. By the time I was 14 I could tell the difference between a hockey mind and a showman.
  15. In fact, she's gone on record that she's never even met Jeff Brown.