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  1. I just made the point in a different thread that everyone is trying to follow the current model of young, fast guys all leading the team...very different to how detroit used to run things when they were the defacto model for building a team. it looks like we're going to miss the opportunity to compete in this current 'era' entirely. it's very likely that by the time we're ready to be competitive again that the accepted model will have become something more like we're doing now...a slow, build-up of a good collection of prospects who become (hopefully) a dominant core. as for opinions about the Sedins, I would have loved to have bottomed out properly 3 years ago, picked up a Marner (if not a McDavid) and be looking better already coming into the Sedins swan song. unfortunately we didn't go that route and we are where we are...but I still think the Sedins should be brought back and play a support role to the new core.
  2. Yeah, remember not too many years ago when the accepted wisdom was the 'Detroit model' and leaving guys to simmer in the A for half their the model has changed, but it looks like we're not competing in this era anyway...perhaps in five years we'll be the new model of having had patience with our prospects until they could dominate
  3. To me it was always about giving the fan base something to be excited about. It was the only thing that excited me about that year.
  4. Specifically, no of course not. I think he has an overarching plan and things can arise and grow in accordance to that plan
  5. Although I made the point a few months ago that decision pumped McCanns value in trade higher than it would have otherwise been
  6. Years of dedication for some of the upper-crusters
  7. I loved Vigneault and thought he was let go at the correct time....this little montage is the first time I've really felt the feeling of missing him.
  8. excellent points
  9. yes...that's probably the more sensible reality, as opposed to my sky-is-falling early morning tendencies
  10. My concern is that they keep bringing in guys to play on the far do they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel before Virtanen could be considered for a call-up? Or has Willie just said that under no circumstances will he play him again?
  11. Gary, remember the Luongo Rule...that was straight up actual corruption. Show me another case anywhere where someone's allowed to penalize someone else retroactively for acting according to rules you wrote and then deemed admissible after inspection. Gary, you've cost your owners the Aquilini's maybe $50-$100 million in lost value and revenue, the team is in a much worse place than it would have been if not for your corruption. We want that stolen value back Gary.
  12. I'm just joking around, delete, flame, minus etc... But wouldn't it be great if we could find another unlikely candidate to come from out of nowhere and become really instrumental to the long term good of this team?! I'm liking the look of his game alongside the Sedins. Go Chaput!
  13. I feel pissy any time towards Megna anytime I see anything related to him. I know it's not his fault, he's only doing the best he can with what he's given...I just wish he wasn't given so much...
  14. Stupid question, Gretzky's better than them all.