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  1. To be fair, if you read exactly what Eklund wrote, he didn't say Canucks were in on Beauchemin...he said they were trying to get something done there. In Eklund-clickbait-lingo that could also mean, "Canucks have been trying to get something done with TO's D situation"... in which case he gets Canuck clicks and still is only kinda half-not lying.
  2. Good points. As they were improving each year I kept comparing them to earlier Detroit seasons and saying they still didn't have that machinery-like dominating and crushing. Towards the end of the 2011 regular season the Canucks finally had it. They just couldn't keep it going through the playoffs...
  3. I agree generally. I disagree with the "great playoff coach" bit. Loved AV, still do. But he wasn't a great coach come playoff time. He tries so hard to defend a lead that we watched Chicago come from behind in 3 consecutive series (we eventually won the third one) before watching the same thing happen with Boston.
  4. ^ and his new coach used to use him as more than just a fourth liner
  5. Yup! it was a heck of a team. when I was 10 or 11 for my birthday he sent me a pennant signed by all the guys on that team. It was the most important thing in my whole life.
  6. I had an older cousin that moved to Winnipeg in those years and started dating then got married to Laurie Boschman. As a kid, spending time with a REAL nhl player felt as if I was hanging with the gods. One of the sweetest guys I've ever known (despite all those 200+ pim seasons).
  7. Also to be fair and to even out the discussion a touch, Lucic was drafted a little younger. A more apt comparison would be Lucic's draft +1 year. So if Gadjovich only turned out 15% better than Lucic rather than 500%, I could still live with that.
  8. Like his first goal this year will be on the other team's net?! That would be a good start.
  9. I actually believe you know what you're talking about, and I don't. But you're gonna have to explain how SEL is harder to score Bo would get less points there than NHL?!
  10. If Goodfellas is on your top ten list (like it is on mine), you should definitely watch Shawshank Redemption (perhaps #1 on mine).
  11. I get what your saying, but Nylander easily gets OUR #1 dman, right? If we could do Tanev for Nylander I think Benning would pull the trigger in a heartbeat.
  12. I also recall Benning stating (a sound clip, but don't know where) that they were looking to move into the 20's for a specific guy who ended up getting picked before they could do it...and also assumed he was referring to liljegren
  13. I think perhaps you missed the point... in both cases those were trades that Lou took the other GM to the cleaners (much like he'll be trying to do with us here). Regarding Bo, I agree with you, that trade only looks ok now because he's turned out so well (which was also part of Losings point).
  14. Sounds like you've been un-invited to a few beer league's yourself?
  15. I don't actually... I'll readily admit I'm in a place of feeling negative towards anything Benning is doing lately (and after some research and deep-breathing exercises I tend to come around)...but the Canucks have long been a team with a first line and two or three lines of spare parts...I don't know how signing a whole new lineup of spare parts helps us forward... I'll probably come around...