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  1. It's also a pretty miscalculated sentiment that we've never drafted well. In the majority of drafts since '88 (Linden) we've picked up a guy or two who have become legitimate hockey players on our team. It's really only the Nonis era  and the first-half of the Gillis era that were so bad.
  2. ehrhoff wasn't brought in as a trade deadline deal though. we have given up a few picks in start-of-year trades that have hurt a bit. the only ones that sting from trade deadline deals (ie: playoff rentals) are the second we gave up for Brent Sopel who became Wayne Simmonds and the year before that we picked up Mika Noronen whose pick became Jonas Enroth. the point remains that for the very little value we've garnered through trade deadline acquisitions, we've also not given up very much value 
  3. Is this season more enjoyable than last?

    last year was an unexpected but very welcome trip to the playoffs. so fun. trader jim could have easily gotten us there this year too (still could I suppose). but i'm the same, i would way rather watch the team this year...playing good hockey, improving and moving towards a team that's actually going to be able to compete in a couple of years.
  4. Where would Kassian have fit in this rebuild?

    what's funny is that the OP posed this question as a "what if" type of scenario. the answer is he would have fit in exactly as he did. last year was already "this rebuild" and he fit in poorly.
  5. canucks lineup on thursday

    what, guys didn't take typewriters out on the road with them in those days?
  6. The Two Year Rebuild a CDC Story

    I've actually been thinking the exact same thing, even though it's too crazy to even dream about. in my dream the sedins are still scoring at a second line pace, we found a bona-fide #1 defenceman somewhere and got a Stamkos type as a UFA. if we had two legitimate stars in addition to what we already have we'd be a great young team.
  7. Dane Fox Talk

    can someone remind me of his off ice issues (whether or not they had any truth to them)? my understanding has been that although he can fill the net it was his skating that was going to hold him back. if his skating has been addressed adequately I wonder what's continuing to hold him back?
  8. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    yeah, edmonton just picked him up...which proves he's not a total cast-off (ie: he was picked up by one of the first teams in line), but going to edmonton means his career is likely to get stunted pretty badly starting now. among all the undersized, crappy defencemen we've picked up over the last 2-3 years he was probably the least crappy
  9. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    for years these boards have been full of raymond-ballard-and-a-3rd types of trades where people think we can get a legitimate hockey player in return for some spare nuts & bolts. this is precisely what benning did here. sutter is a real hockey player, the type that can make a hockey team better. bonino is fine, clendening may or may not have a real career in the nhl...but guys like these are easy to come by; if you can package them up for a legitimate hockey player, you do it.
  10. confessions

    that's unbelievably sad. holy. my deepest condolences. for what to do and where to start, just allow yourself to grieve first and foremost. and do your best to just be present with your loved ones. don't DO much else, there will be plenty of time to sort out life decisions, etc... once you can see a little more clearly.
  11. Confessions of a Cereal Eater...

    Count Choculitis    
  12. exactly. this team is doing great. we're winning some games with solid efforts and we're losing some games with solid efforts. we're not a good enough team to do anything this season, but we're playing good hockey and we're playing correctly. the kids are being groomed in an excellent system with passionate, professional vets and they're all pulling together. we'll (hopefully) let some of those vets go down the stretch and keep working hard while inevitably causing a higher pick next year. perfect.
  13. Ducks F Horcoff suspended 20 games for PEDs

    i often wonder about this...for a player like this, or when someone who's been an average player for a long time makes a sudden unexpected improvement...i guess i just wonder how much the league really enforces this.