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  1. If Stecher is anywhere higher than 7th D on the depth chart it is one reason why this team will struggle to make the playoffs. They need all 6 to play quality and quantity minutes and Stecher cannot do that on a consistent basis
  2. Pearson on the first line and Edler/Stecher as a first pair of D....and people wonder why the team is average at best.....
  3. Preference for coach Green > Craig T Nelson > Babcock
  4. and you think this team is built well enough in front of Green?? There were 6........6 4th line players in our lineup last night, and I am considering Gaudette 3rd line even though that needs to be sustained....
  5. maybe they can call Dr Pollock to help with their projectile dysfunction...
  6. Could watch Oilers / Sharks right now, but I am going to stay with this game until the end.... not sure why....