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  1. or Jake - he does an admiral service following several hundred beautiful women on Instagram. Every "like" he gives them makes their world a better place...
  2. instant and permanent ban...
  3. some of TB's shots are easy shots - they look like they want the goalie to save/stop play - they may feel like their best chance is off a set play....
  4. disgusting "play" that cannot be misinterpreted - they need to make a statement that things like that are not allowed....so, in NHL world... 8-10 games?
  5. I am not sure there is a simple solution that works for most people. If you limit the chance at #1 to the bottom 5 teams or something, then tanking happens from 4th to 8th from the bottom as teams know they can't make the playoffs and try to get in on #1 Maybe there is some complicated formula that rewards teams with a higher % at moving up a few spots based on... # of wins against each other, or # of wins in final 20 games, or something? Something that would encourage teams a bit to win down the stretch? I would also say that any team that has had 2 top 3 selections in the previous 3 years cannot pick better than 4th in the subsequent year