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  1. much shorter list if they stick to just positive differences
  2. I would be shocked if he is not a part of it somehow I know he has the professionalism to put things aside for one night. He is a huge part of the 50 years, and his time in Vancouver is a huge part of his life...so I am sure both sides can call a one night "truce" and have him there. Also, Aqua is a businessman, and knows it is in his best interest to have TL there....
  3. i am still rooting for Jean-Marc Lanthier....back in 1985 the club kept telling us it was only a matter of time before he would flourish in the NHL If not him, Motte.
  4. Great expectations can lead to bitter disappointment....thought this was a thread about my dating life... I feel the Canucks will miss the playoffs by 2-6 points (sticking to my thought that I first mentioned prior to last season) It should be enough for TG to keep the coaching gig -not sure if that keeps JB around or not. (I would give him more time, not sure FA is as patient)
  5. Next up: Arrow starts a thread to show us why the route the Zamboni takes is the most optimal....
  6. The Canucks will be buyers I feel at the trade deadline they will be +/- 5 points of the playoff bar. As Benning will likely be fighting for his job, I see him making a fairly bold move at that time to better the team for the push to make the playoffs. A young player or significant prospect for a veteran to help with push...
  7. TSN will start their trade deadline coverage at 9am today...
  8. my bad.. as for the rest of the interview...Green does sound excited about the possibilities for line combos, etc....he can put together lines that he believes will work, rather than lines he hopes will work....
  9. imagine CDC if LE lines up on the 3rd line for the first preseason game....
  10. they asked better questions than TSN 1040 would have...just imagine.... TSN1040: "Your last name is Green...if you had to change it to another colour, which colour would you choose?"
  11. Awww, I like his threads....like to think of him as the CDC Arrowstotle....
  12. For me it is May 2 1993 - first date with my now ex-wife. Pacific Coliseum, playoffs round 2 / game 1 against the Gretzky led LA Kings....a Sunday start at noon, Canucks won 5-2 Section 29, row 33, seats 5-6