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  1. Aww, you don't like the BLT line?? Bo Loui Tanner You should, because they're hep!! Horvat Eriksson Pearson < insert sarcastic emoji here>
  2. half this board would still piss all over him saying he should have won it in game 6....
  3. kudos for trying to explain it to him/her - I just give them the confused face and consider putting them on ignore
  4. well, the mods have allowed the Confessional Jake thread to live on its own, so the precedent has been set.,..
  5. Even worse - I almost turned the sound on and would have heard Randorf....
  6. Time for a line brawl - there’s one less official to stop things
  7. He’s an insider - he has the script for the entire game before it even starts...
  8. This board is kinda quiet tonight - maybe they should put Loui on the PP
  9. On pace for a final shot total for the game of 12-0