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  1. I'd pay if it meant I didn't have to see/hear Ron MacLean
  2. vote Igor Nominate....Sedlbauer (apologies to Murray Bannerman)
  3. Voted Larionov Nominate Kevan Guy
  4. Voted: Larionov Nominate: Sedlbauer
  5. Vote Larionov Nominate Sedlbauer
  6. Vote: Rota Nominate: Sedlbauer
  7. Hi, have been away from the board, hope I can join in for the remaining selections!! Hope everyone is well Vote: Rota Nominate: Ron Sedlbauer
  8. so an Admin locks a mock game day thread for tonights game, but allows this one to stay open smh.... as consistent as NHL refereeing...
  9. Who starts in goal? Demko played lights out last night, but it's back to back and the air is thinner in Colorado....
  10. live stream it on YouTube.....Deb and Alf can be the commentators....
  11. thank you Goalie....hopefully we are back at it soon!!
  12. Some of the things I am going to miss.....in no particular order The often unfair trashing of Loui The fire Green comments Aquilini live-tweeting during games Marie Hui singing the anthem GDTs and bantering with all....most of you watching Quinn skate watching the rest of our D try to skate Some of the things I am not going to miss....in no particular order Randorf Untalented at best, corrupt at worst, officiating Randorf
  13. Seeing as how they are not going to be very busy for a while, I wonder if Rogers Arena would sell me some toilet paper?

    1. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      they might sell you all the hot dogs and french fries. they are expensive though.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      I'm sure Joe you can get a bulk deal. :)


    3. goog16