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  1. John Harwood (@JohnJHarwood) McCain, who ripped legislative process on health care before surgery, voted to keep it alive before delivering speech criticizing it again Phil Mattingly (@Phil_Mattingly) McCain on health care: "I will not vote for this bill as it is today. It's a shell of a bill right now we all know that."
  2. I don't have any love for Sessions. What I do see though is the workings of a cowardly leader/boss/manager who doesn't have the balls to fire the AG so he instead decided to publicly humiliate the employee and hopefully make resign. That way the coward doesn't have to do the dirty work. I've worked for managers like this. Nobody had any respect for that manager, eventually everybody got tired of them and did no work, resented them and worked against the manager, not for them. You would think that Trump would not want that to happen but the guy isn't able to think ahead more than the length of a tweet.
  3. Reading the breakdown of what he said was excruciating. Could you imagine the right wing outrage if Obama had opened up a boy scout jamboree speech with "Who the hell wants to talk about politics?" The guy is a blithering idiot.
  4. I feel a lot of that blame falls on Road Dogg (who is rumored to be the head writer). The show has seemingly taken a dive ever since he got involved in the writing. But man oh man, that show last night has had me considering all day to cancel my Network subscription. Outside of the fantastic tag match, the rest of the show was steaming hot garbage. And to be honest, I have been down on the WWE for quite some time so it might be time to just take a break from it and watch NJPW and ROH. Even though you are correct @TheHitman about the meh booking in NJPW, the wrestling is just off the charts for the most part. I am also loving me some Lucha Underground. I think two of the main things that WWE needs to do is: - Cut down the amount of PPV's. Don't have two a month, do them every 2 months and actually buildup storylines. Just do build up and don't have the wrestlers fight each other, even in a mixed tag match. Make people care about the wrestling. Make me want to see the match. - Cut Raw down to 2 hours. If you have to cut dead weight to do that then so be it.
  5. Yeah totally agreed. Especially with the lack of good tag teams right now. I could also be completely wrong with Gable. I feel that he has slightly better charisma then Jordan who seems to have none at all.
  6. What they voted for and what they think now are two different things though. The Senators have to openly listen to their constituents at all times. There was a poll the other day where 12% of people in key Trump counties supported the GOP healthcare bill.
  7. The single payer has been gaining a lot of steam. Latest poll I saw last month was 33% said they wanted single payer and that was up 5 points from the last poll in January. No shock though that the Dems don't advocate it. Their donors would never allow that. Outside of a few that I could see *possibly* doing it, the establishment Dems will never advocate single payer.
  8. Citing Recusal, Trump Says He Wouldn’t Have Hired Sessions WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Wednesday that he never would have appointed Attorney General Jeff Sessions had he known Mr. Sessions would recuse himself from overseeing the Russia investigation that has dogged his presidency, calling the decision “very unfair to the president.” In a remarkable public break with one of his earliest political supporters, Mr. Trump complained that Mr. Sessions’s decision ultimately led to the appointment of a special counsel that should not have happened. “Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and I would have picked somebody else,” Mr. Trump said. It's a pretty long article so here is the rest: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/19/us/politics/trump-interview-sessions-russia.html This is my main issue with Trump. The guy just blames and blames and blames and takes zero responsibility for anything. That is not what a leader does.
  9. I think that's what it meant. It said "McConnell can only lose two votes from Republicans 52-48 majority in the 100-seat Senate to pass healthcare legislation", meaning a third lost vote would kill it. I think they're at 4 lost votes right now.
  10. I definitely hear what you are saying. Personally I would find it just as weird if a Democrat said it, but in the States it's turned into to "defend the party over looking at things logically" in many cases.
  11. Repealing Obamacare alone would leave 32 million more uninsured: CBO WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Thirty-two million Americans would lose their health insurance by 2026 if Obamacare is repealed without a replacement, the U.S. Congressional Budget Office reported late on Wednesday as President Donald Trump pushed fellow Senate Republicans to reach an agreement on overhauling the country's healthcare law. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell planned to hold a vote for a straight repeal of the Affordable Care Act next week after a bill to repeal and replace collapsed on Monday with the Republican party sharply divided. According to the CBO, a nonpartisan office that analyzes pending legislation, 17 million Americans would lose health insurance alone in 2018 with a repeal while premiums on individual insurance plans would rise 25 percent next year and double by 2026. Trump told 49 Republican senators at a White House lunch on Wednesday that he wanted more than a straight repeal. After taking a hands-off approach to the healthcare debate last week and suggesting on Tuesday that he was fine with letting Obamacare fail, Trump on Wednesday demanded that senators stay in Washington through their planned August recess until they can find common ground on healthcare. "We're close. We're very close," Trump said at the start of the meeting. He demanded that lawmakers keep their campaign promises to repeal and replace Obamacare and find a new approach to healthcare. "We can repeal, but we should repeal and replace, and we shouldn’t leave town until this is complete," he said. After the lunch, McConnell said he will go ahead with a vote early next week to begin debate on a repeal of the ACA, former President Barack Obama's signature legislation, despite indications it will fail after the defections on Tuesday of at least three Republican senators. Moderate Republican Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Shelley Moore Capito said they oppose McConnell's plan for a repeal that would take effect in two years, giving Congress time to develop a replacement. All three attended the lunch. With Democrats united in opposition to repeal, McConnell can only lose two votes from Republicans' 52-48 majority in the 100-seat Senate to pass healthcare legislation. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-healthcare-idUSKBN1A40UX?il=0
  12. 100% what Tortorella said above me. It makes it sound like the guy has no ability to control himself without his wife around and that he can't be trusted not to dumb sh*t if he drinks alcohol. That's one thing if you are a normal civilian, but that doesn't sound like the kind of person I want to run a country.
  13. Yeah, the fact that Pence can't dine alone with a woman who isn't his wife, nor will he attend functions without his wife when alcohol is being served, is pretty damn messed up. Trump may be stupid, but Pence is a scary religious zealot.
  14. Haha yeah as soon as I realized it was becoming a "Kurt's son" angle (no pun intended), I started to think that Dixie wouldn't have been that bad of an idea. Oh well, Gable is the true star of that team and it's going to be awesome to see what he can do on his own.
  15. If this Angle thing tonight turns out to be Dixie Carter it's going to be an epic bomb of a segment seeing as 90% of casual fans have zero idea who she is.