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  1. I like the idea of Crawford. I just believe he has matured as a coach and as a person and has broadened his experience. He did manage Auston Matthews first pro season so he's as current as anyone out there, especially with another year in the NHL as assistant in Ottawa. He is also immediately knowledgeable about what it takes to function in a city with lunatic fans like Vancouver's. I think he'd work well with Doug Jarvis but I don't know who he'd want to hire to fill out his staff. Crawford also has a good rapport with the local media, for what that is worth. Really, there wouldn't be a huge adjustment period and because he is a real student of the game, he already knows a lot about the Canucks players, so he could get to work right away.
  2. Aren't you the guy who was bemoaning how people on this board demeaned and disparaged other people? So how does that work again?
  3. Oh My God. War porn.
  4. Literally 0.83 seconds on Google. First entry: A key battleground is the little-known market for ultrafiltered milk, a concentrated ingredient used to boost protein content in cheese and yogurt. Canada is creating incentives for processors to buy from domestic manufacturers. U.S. producers say that could be a disaster, and they allege the new policy would violate trade agreements. Companies in Wisconsin and New York alone might lose $150-million (U.S.) in sales north of the border.
  5. The same evidence you have that it wasn't.
  6. Free advice: Stop listening to your gut and try listening to reason. At best your gut will tell you what you had for lunch, and what is passing through at the moment. But reason, now there's a flag to rally around.
  7. Nvm. Mattrek there first.
  8. And for those who wonder just what does Alex Jones have to with Donald Trump, I give you the New Yorker, from June 2016. An excerpt: "Even after Trump (and Sean Hannity, of Fox News) fell victim to a joke—a parody news story “reporting” that two hundred and fifty thousand Syrian refugees would be settled on U.S. Indian reservations—he continued to repeat the bogus figure for months. (He knew better than to touch, from the same Web site, “Trump: I Would Have Prevented the Asteroid from Killing the Dinosaurs.”) His appetite for facts appears to be tiny. In a GQ profile of Hope Hicks, his spokeswoman, by Olivia Nuzzi, Trump’s daily news briefing is described as printouts of “30 to 50 Google News results for ‘Donald J. Trump.’ ” Trump goes at the items with a marker and, according to a GQ source, “He reads something he doesn’t like by a reporter, and it’s like, ‘This mother&^@#er! All right, fine. Hope?’ He circles it. ‘This guy’s banned! He’s banned for a while.’ ” So what Trump knows can perhaps be narrowed further. He knows what a Google search of his own name turns up. To date, he has “banned,” in addition to many individual reporters, the Washington Post, Univision, BuzzFeed, Politico, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, and the Des Moines Register."
  9. Don't know what fully kitted plane you mean, but he is definitely using Air Force One at $200,000 an hour. In the first month of his presidency, Trump racked up about $10 million in charges just for Air Force One. The high estimate for Obama's vacation costs for the full eight years are $97 million, or $12.125 million per year. At the rate Trump is going, he will catch Obama's total by Christmas. Now if you want to add in the extra costs of blocking off a huge hunk of downtown New York to secure Melania and Barron, and the hundreds of thousands it is costing for secret service protection for PRIVATE BUSINESS TRIPS by Romulus and Remus, the mind fairly staggers with the enormity of the costs. Your are right, though, nowhere near Obama's expenses.
  10. Oh, I get it now. All this time you said Bill was a rapist and I thought you were talking O'Reilly. Never mind.
  11. No, no, no. Donald Trump is ALWAYS loud and unpleasant.
  12. No, that isn't yelling. Both Hip and Mattrek are vocal, opinionated and articulate. Because you have no real response to their truths, it feels to you like yelling and aggression. The truth is often loud and sometimes unpleasant.
  13. Didn't happen. Google it ffs.
  14. Ten tweets from George Takei. Just because. So, the entire coal industry employs fewer people than Arby's. Why are we so fixated on coal jobs? Reemploy coal workers in green energy. After paying $13m to settle Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment suits, is any amount of sexual harassment just too much for Fox News? Trump declared April National Sexual Assault Awareness month. In related news, Putin named April National Don't-Stand-By-Open-Windows month. "That was some weird $&!#." - George W. Bush on Donald Trump's inauguration. The longer he's out of office, the more sense he makes... Tom Price of HHS helped kill a rule that would hurt drug co profits. That was the SAME DAY he acquired drug co stock. Coincidence? WATCH: Last September, General Flynn told @chucktodd: "When you're given immunity that probably means you've committed a crime." Even the Pope is calling on Donald to acknowledge the reality of climate change. When the Vatican is telling you to get with the times... White supremacist who murdered Timothy Caughman in NYC has been charged with terrorism. Say it with me: Radical White Supremacist Terrorist. Poor Donald refuses to throw out the first pitch on opening day this year because he's afraid he'll get booed. He's right for a change. Devin Nunes canceled all House Intel meetings on #RussiaGate. Someone should tell Donald the strings on his puppet are not supposed to show.
  15. Mark Cuban uses Twitter, too. Here's his take on Trump, Russia and everything. Take a look at the full 13-tweet long theory from Cuban below: 1) Here is my take on Trump and Russia 2) Russians have made him a lot of money buying condos and investing in his bldgs and hosting his beauty pageant.That makes them his friends 3) He ignored their backgrounds. But that’s not unusual. Starbucks takes anyone’s money and so do most businesses including mine. 4) He spoke favorably about Putin to get his approval for Russians to get $ out of Russia and into Trump deals. He saw it as easy money 5) When Manafort was recommended, he didn’t vett him. He saw it as a win win. Win the election or open the door for more Russian business 6) As people with Russian connects came into the campaign he had no clue that those connections were possibly being influenced by Russia 7) His lean campaign took direction from people he trusted and he followed those directions. He had no clue where the Russians fit in 8) when Manafort got “hot” he got rid of him but the campaign approach had been established. Bannon took it to the next level FTW 9) No chance this is a DJT led conspiracy. He isn’t detail oriented, organized or big picture enough to pull off any time of conspiracy 10) I think Putin recognized trumps greed and took advantage by back channeling coordinated misinformation in an attempt to influence voters 11) Trump had no idea this was happening. He was doing what he was told to do. Stick to the script and read what was written for him 12) Because he didn’t recognize or understand as it was happening he has no idea what to do now or how to respond. So he turns to Fox News 13) That’s what I think happened. Feel free to agree or disagree — Mark Cuban (@mcuban) April 1, 2017