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  1. They attacked his pickup with red licence plates? Didn't they have guns?
  2. This may come as a shock to you, but the administration is bound by the terms of their contracts to carry out the lawful orders of the Ministry via the Board. It doesn't matter how an administrator feels or what he or she believes, they are required to follow orders. Administrators have not been part of the BCTF since January 1, 1988 when their status was changed to make them essentially managers. This made every job action since 1988 an incredibly tense time among school staffs. Often administrators were completely alone in the school for an eight hour day counting the holes in the acoustic tiles on the ceilings of their offices, while the teachers walked a line that nobody was ever interested in crossing.
  3. But they do, and what is more, Donald wants to be one. That's what exasperates so many Americans; that many of them have served a country they thought would uphold American ideals of equality, liberty and justice for all. Turns out that those things are mythological in a GOP distorted reality of American politics and with an idiot in the oval office. Nobody is equal, nobody is free, and a lot of people of colour get no justice at all. And the president is still an idiot.
  4. Or as George Carlin famously observed, "You can prick your finger, but you can't finger your pr***."
  5. Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't aware that it could be taken daily, albeit for rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, although Trump has neither. Bottom line is he shouldn't be taking something that could cause a number of problematic side effects.
  6. Wait a minute. This guy lies fifteen or twenty times a day. Why should we believe that he's taking it? This statement is a lie: "He later said he'd been taking it every day for a week and a half." I know about this because I was prescribed this before a trip to India a couple of years ago. Dosing instructions for hydroxychloroquine are clear; it is to be taken ONCE PER WEEK ON THE SAME DAY. If Trump is taking it every day, he is taking 7 times the recommended dose, leading to overdose, leading to sudden and kind of permanent death. So, I'm calling BS on Trump taking hydroxy every day.
  7. Yes, I saw that just after I posted. I was working from different information. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Insider trading is actually more nefarious than what people here are making out. If a company has just made, or is about to make, a significant move that is certain to affect the stock price, then lets people know what is going to happen, it gives those people an unfair advantage in profiting from the movement of the stock. So in Burr's case, using information from someone in the know, he was successfully able to protect his own interests using inside information. And the FBI isn't investigating because he correctly read the markets, then made a couple of shrewd trades, they are investigating because he used inside knowledge to his advantage over other stockholders. This is illegal, to say nothing of unethical. But hey, capitalism.
  9. There are 174 days until the 2020 election. The Trump re-election machine is already in high gear, flinging **** against the walls in all directions. I'm already exhausted with that and Covid and the dread that this early opening is going to result in a huge boomerang of infection as bad or worse than the first. My younger daughter tells me to be patient, that natural selection will take care of the idiots, but I am older than her and have learned through experience that what should happen is not always what does happen. Hence, Trump, for example. Seriously, this is the election that is going to put the **** in ****show, only record setting. If you look at it, some people say it is the ****tiest ****show that anyone ever **a*. Certainly ****tier than the **** Lincoln had to put up with.
  10. 1992. Clinton versus Bush. Clinton's whole campaign rested on a four word foundation: "It's the economy, stupid." He was elected handily, rebuilt the economy, and by the time he handed the keys over to G.W. in 2000, the economy was booming. Obama took over a broken economy from G.W., oversaw its resurgence, handed it over to the genius businessman and it is slipping away under Trump. Do you see a pattern here?
  11. Whew. That's good, because if he was the top scout, how would he explain Boston's draft picks over his seven years as AGM: 2007 - Zach Hamill, Tommy Cross, Denis Reul, Alain Goulet, Radim Ostrcil, Jordan Knackstedt 2008 - Joe Colborne, Maxime Sauve, Michael Hutchinson, Jamie Ariel, Nicolas Tremblay, Mark Goggin 2009 - Jordan Caron, Ryan Button, Lane McDermid, Tyler Randell, Ben Sexton 2010 - TYLER SEGUIN, Jared Knight, RYAN SPOONER, Craig Cunnigham, Justin Florek, Zane McIntyre, Maxim Chudinov, Zach Trotman 2011 - DOUGIE HAMILTON, Alexander Khokhlachev, Anthony Camara, Brian Ferlin, Rob O’Gara, Lars Volden 2012 -MALCOLM SUBBAN, Matt Grzelcyk, Seth Griffith, Cody Payne, MATT BENNING, Colton Hargrove 2013 - Linus Arnesson, Peter Charlie, Ryan Fitzgerald, Wiley Sherman, Anton Blidh, Mitchell Dempsey
  12. Okay, I've read everything about the Brackett situation and I think it may be a simple case of the media postulating a theory, searching for only evidence that supports their theory, then presenting it as a fait accompli that a) the relationship is soured, b) Benning and Weisbrod want to squeeze Brackett out and Brackett was po'd last June when Benning and Wiesbrod supposedly took over the draft, leaving Brackett shut out and angry, and c) John Weisbrod is the bad guy in this whole soap opera. Here is an extended clip of Brackett after the draft. I have watched it a few times and I really can't detect even a trace of anger, upset, disappointment or being alone. On the contrary, he seems to have been with the selection process the whole way through and is able to justify each pick. Not exactly the work of someone who has been shut out and diminished. And if he was on the outs, why is he allowed to be the face of the franchise in going out to explain and defend the draft picks? In the end, Brackett may leave, which wouldn't surprise me in the least. He's had 12 years, a good track record, and likely believes he is ready for a bigger challenge. Almost all young and talented people want to keep aspiring to bigger challenges. And if Weisbrod is the villain, it is solely because he is simply there and in the way to Brackett advancing to an Assistant General Manager position.
  13. Yeah, but didn't Caligula get traded to Chicago? And, fyi, it was from Edmonton, not Washington. And Sully still coaches Pittsburgh, afaik. Sheesh, man, get your facts straight.
  14. I would point out that Trump recently voted by mail in a Florida primary. When asked why it was okay for him to vote by mail, but not anyone else he said, with the wisdom of a seven year old, "Because I'm allowed to."