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  1. After the seemingly endless Mueller investigation made virtually no difference in the Democrats' quest for impeachment, and following two weeks of solid testimony from career foreign service officials that failed to move the needle at all in pubic opinion about impeachment and removal, the Democrats come up with two measly articles of impeachment that have the same seriousness as a sharp rap to the knuckles with a wooden ruler. I keep thinking there has to be more articles on the way, but no, there aren't. I'm no longer sure that the Articles will even make it out of the House of Representatives (apologies if I have the terminology wrong). The existing articles are so weak that any Senate trial would likely be short and resounding in its support for Trump. And Trump wins and Trump crows and Trump gets re-tf-elected. And all the rest of us live in the strangest of times where up is down, in is out, over is under, but white is still white, and truth is on extended holiday somewhere not in the USA.
  2. Found Jake's latest playlist. There is definitely a trade coming, based on the titles of the songs: Do You Know the Way to San Jose Chicago, Chicago (is my kinda town) I'm From Big D-little a- Double l- a- s New York State of Mind By the time I get to Phoenix I Love L.A. Philadelphia Freedom Going' to Carolina in My Mind Nashville Cats (play cool as country water) Rocky Mountain High (Colorado) Yup. He's definitely on the move.......
  3. They took Pettersson because they wanted a number one centre. They took Boeser because they needed a scoring winger. They took Hughes because they needed an offensive defenceman to increase scoring from the back end. They took Jake because they wanted a power forward. The took Juolevi because they wanted premier defenceman who could move the puck. When HAVEN'T they taken somebody based on positional need?
  4. Joe is a highly regarded poster who is universally nice to everyone. His age and experience command both respect and affection. You, not so much.
  5. When he was hired to lead the Leafs out of the wilderness, Babcock was hailed by the Toronto media as the second and final coming of Christ. He would establish world peace, free the slaves, cure cancer, end all criminal activity and build the Great Wall of Ontario to keep all the Central Canadians in and the bad Canadians out. He would redefine the game of hockey, reimagine success and prevent Auston Matthews from trying to grow a moustache that looked like a giant caterpillar devouring his face. Now that he has been fired, well, he never was any good, 95% of his players hate him, he resolutely treated players with contempt and he won't bow down before the mighty Dubas. He also beats his wife and skewers small children while in his cups and kicks invalid beggars on the downtown streets of Hogtown. And Torontonians are sincerely mystified when the rest of the Canada views them with a contempt that they misinterpret as jealousy. Not jealous, Toronto, just grateful not to be you. I have enormous respect for the Leaf players who live under the biggest and most intrusive microscope in the NHL and I don't even mind most of the actual fans because, like us, they love their team and only want to see them succeed. But the Toronto media? They remind me of the Egyptian Plover, a small bird that makes its living by picking bits of meat from between the teeth of Nile crocodiles that, curiously, allow them to be living toothpicks. Or maybe Remoras, fish that live semi attached to sharks, and that get their food from scraps the sharks make when devouring their prey. In both cases, these critters owe their living to the hard work of others, which pretty much defines Toronto media. They love a front runner, but once somebody leaves, he was as useful as a kidney stone.
  6. JT Miller is the best free agent pick up Benning has ever made. He plays with such poise and confidence that he makes players around him better. I know Tampa had cap problems, but they dropped the ball when they let Miller walk. Miller has 23 points. Stamkos leads Tampa with 20. Oops.
  7. The obviously not-Republican group called American Oversight spends its time and resources in filing Freedom of Information requests for various documents from the US Government. They requested documents related to Ukraine from the State Department and after some sort of judicial order, the State Department complied with 100 pages of records, phone logs, emails and other stuff that ties Pompeo, Giuliani, Nunes, Parnas, Fruman and others to Ukraine. These are the same documents the State Department refused to turn over to the Impeachment Inquiry. I've read some of it and there are some interesting things, but not sure there is smoking gun in there yet, though others seem to think there is. Oh, and American Oversight published the whole shebang on Document Cloud. Read it here:
  8. In a rational, logical, moral world he SHOULD be gone. But we find ourselves witnessing a post-truth, tribalist, hate filled world where T-shirt slogans and memes replace serious, thoughtful and reflective journalism. As much as I rely on deductive logic and facts to make a determination about truth and lies, the majority rules, even though miscarriage of justice at the hands of the majority is still miscarriage of justice. Short of Trump's health completely deteriorating to the point he can no longer continue, he will likely be re-elected because the Democrats are too busy fighting amongst themselves to mount a credible challenge to Trump. While I can't imagine another four years of daily lies and sucking up to dictators, con men and flat out criminals, I fear he could very well win again.
  9. Nevermind. Someone else wrote pretty much what I was going to say.
  10. All teams have slumps. Canucks are no different. Didn't hear anybody bitching about Green the first dozen games. As a certified old guy I am advocating patience. Don't get too high when the team is playing well, and don't get too low when they aren't. It is far easier on your heart, your stomach, you nerves and everyone else around you if you just breathe, file the losses under "too bad" and focus on the next game. And know this: the guy you want to fire knows the game better than you do, knows the players better than you do and feels the frustration of losing far deeper than you ever can (except if you yourself have played several seasons in the NHL, then we'll listen to you). As for Babcock, he accomplished virtually nothing in Toronto and precious little in Detroit after 2010, so how is he better than Green?
  11. Button actually turned on Babcock right at the beginning of the season when he scratched Jason Spezza in the season opener against his old team, Ottawa, purportedly because Spezza's penalty killing wasn't up to scratch. "Mitch Marner kills penalties. John Tavares kills penalties. (Alex) Kerfoot kills penalties," Button said. "I’m going to be really straightforward here, that is an unacceptable rationale for scratching Jason Spezza."
  12. I don't for a minute doubt the young core guys are competitive and try to play the right way. There is no way of knowing who Babcock might take a dislike to. We know about Mike Commodore's experience and Jason Spezza's treatment, so who really knows. I am just wondering how fans would react if Babcock DID take a dislike to one or more of the players we all love. Would we side with the coach, or the player?
  13. He won with Detroit 12 years ago. He has since failed with two teams. Sure he's won various tournaments with a stacked team of the best available players. The Canucks aren't yet that team. What if he came to Vancouver and for some reason took a dislike to Horvat or Boeser or tried to get Petey to play a different way. Would you want him then?