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  1. Vancouver has NEVER had a defenceman like Quinn Hughes. Speaking for myself, I have been waiting fifty years for a player like him to fall into Vancouver's lap. So has every other Vancouver fan who was a hockey fan before Vancouver ever entered the league. Benning knows this, too. He is not about to sell Hughes off at any price. No, not even for Taylor Hall, Nico Hishier or any other combination that New Jersey might come up with. Not happening.
  2. Nope. Doesn't work that way anymore. The deal when Vancouver received a second round pick for Columbus signing Torts was the last one of its kind.
  3. I've been a fan of Tanev since he was originally signed and greatly respect what he has done for this team over the years. That said, it is time to move him for whatever Benning can get. Maybe Chatfield is ready, maybe Rafferty earns a spot, maybe Benning makes a trade or signs Schenn and another free agent RHD. My biggest concern is when, 10 games into next season, Tanev breaks, tears or ruptures something and is out for 25 games again. Then his trade value would be exactly the square root of sweet fanny adams. Move him now for whatever value he still has. Keeping him any longer is not going to increase his value.
  4. Great letter from a thoughtful fan who also happens to own the team. It tells us that he is committed to supporting the management team that is in place and is willing to be patient. This shows he has a clear understanding of what it takes to rebuild a team from the ground up. Makes me wonder even more what happened with Trevor Linden's sudden departure. The word "on the street" was that Linden was urging people to slow down, that a rebuild takes time. Now we hear that Benning and Green told Aquilini to slow down, that it would take time to rebuild. So why was Linden gassed? I know, I know. Water under the bridge, but still.......
  5. I still don't know what a president actually does. I see Toronto having made strides, but how much of that is directly attributable to Brendan Shanahan? How has Bob Nicholson made a difference in Edmonton? What exactly did Trevor Linden do as president, and how do we know? Can anybody tell me what Cam Neely does every day? How about Luc Robitaille? John Davidson? You wrote: "I personally think its time the Canucks start looking at a different process and having additional people overseeing and improving the way the Canucks go about their business". Specifically, how would hiring a new president Improve the way the Canucks go about their business? And which specific process do they need to implement? I only ask because it seems to me you are proposing a solution in search of a problem. Also, in my experience, adding an executive layer to an organization often muddies the waters instead of clearing them. Now if you said the Canucks should hire another Assistant GM to look after contracts and the cap, I'd be all in on that.
  6. Say Vancouver wins second or third pick in the lottery. Would you trade Horvat to get the number one spot for Jack Hughes? Keeping in mind that Hughes is a natural centre, thus creating a logjam at that position with Petey and Bo. Not enough ice time for three top end guys.

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    2. CanuckinEdm


      But what about the extra 30-40 points? Like I said Horvat is a fair contract but not a bargain. McKinnon is a 90-100 point guy, Horvat is 60-70 (maybe a bit better with a winger) 

    3. NewbieCanuckFan


      ^ Hence why his contract is around $800K less and no NTC clause.  McKinnon also gets about a minute of ES more per game than Horvat  (also a bit more power play time and less PK duty).  I'm not saying Horvat is the better player (only again, the gap isn't as huge).  

    4. ReggieBush


      No chance on the god given earth I make that trade. Move Hughes to the wing.

  7. I could be wrong about this, but I thought that when a player with a NMC agrees to a move, the receiving club is NOT subject to a no-move clause. Meaning the new club could trade the guy any time and to any place they want. Found this convo on Reddit: (bolding is mine) The clause can travel with the player even if he consents to being traded or is claimed on waivers This requires that the acquiring team sign an addendum to the contract ensuring that the clause does in fact travel with the player (written by the player's agent) If the acquiring team refuses to sign the addendum, and the player waives his clause anyway, at that point the clause may be nullified If the player is traded before the clause takes effect, the acquiring team can opt to void the clause New person: If I recall correctly, that was the case with Subban/Weber deal. One of them (feel free to chime in to add to this) has a NMC kicking in that summer and once he was traded, it nullified the NMC for the remainder of the deal.
  8. Minus the 50 to 60% of each season Tanev spends on the injured list. (Obvious exaggeration, but over six full seasons, Tanev has missed 139 of a possible 492 games, or 28%, or an average of 23-24 games per season) Seriously, Stecher should receive serious consideration for the Canucks' best defenceman this year. If not that, then at least unsung hero. I've watched pretty much every game and have seen him make maybe five mistakes ALL YEAR.
  9. Not at all. Just expressing an opinion. And providing statistical backup so that people wouldn't think I was talking out of my butt. Not worth an argument or even a debate.
  10. I keep hearing this and respectfully disagree. Sidney Crosby (and I have never been a big fan of his) , based on his body of work is the best player of this millennium. Add to the stats below: THREE Stanley Cups, TWO Conn Smythes, TWO Ted Lindsays (+1 L.B. Pearson which was renamed the Ted Lindsay), TWO Art Rosses, TWO Harts, TWO Rocket Richards, and ONE Mark Messier. The guy is 31 years old, has 93 points and is playing an average of 20:54 per night. On top of that, Crosby's ability to make the players around him better, to me, is what sets him apart. I don't see that element in McDavid's game. Connor is a helluva player, but he has a long way to go to approach Crosby status. Winning when it counts and getting his team to the playoffs would be a start. Sidney Crosby Center Born Aug 7 1987 -- Cole Harbour, NS Height 5.11 -- Weight 200 -- Shoots L Selected by Pittsburgh Penguins round 1 #1 overall 2005 NHL Entry Draft --- Regular Season --- ---- Playoffs ---- Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM GP G A Pts PIM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2003-04 Rimouski Oceanic QMJHL 59 54 81 135 74 9 7 9 16 10 2004-05 Rimouski Oceanic QMJHL 62 66 102 168 84 13 14 17 31 16 2005-06 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 81 39 63 102 110 -- -- -- -- -- 2006-07 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 79 36 84 120 60 5 3 2 5 4 2007-08 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 53 24 48 72 39 20 6 21 27 12 2008-09 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 77 33 70 103 76 24 15 16 31 14 2009-10 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 81 51 58 109 71 13 6 13 19 6 2010-11 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 41 32 34 66 31 -- -- -- -- -- 2011-12 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 22 8 29 37 14 6 3 5 8 9 2012-13 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 36 15 41 56 16 14 7 8 15 8 2013-14 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 80 36 68 104 46 13 1 8 9 4 2014-15 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 77 28 56 84 47 5 2 2 4 0 2015-16 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 80 36 49 85 42 24 6 13 19 4 2016-17 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 75 44 45 89 24 24 8 19 27 10 2017-18 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 82 29 60 89 46 12 9 12 21 6 2018-19 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 71 33 60 93 34 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NHL Totals 935 444 765 1209 656 160 66 119 185 77
  11. Why Mitch Eliot and dot Matt Brassard? Can anybody with first hand knowledge enlighten us? Thanks.

    1. Quantum


      The Canucks still have the contract space to ink Brassard to a deal. However, from what I've read, there's been concerns about Brassard's skating. Whereas Eliot's skating is a strength of his, it's a weakness for Brassard and there's a worry he may not overcome his skating woes to make an NHL impact. It's why guys like Tate Olson, Carl Neill, and Cole Candella weren't signed in the past (also, those 3 guys were a bit one note as hockey players)...


      With that said, I'm of the opinion that Brassard is worth signing. With Sautner (and Juolevi) likely to graduate to the NHL next season, having more defensive prospect depth in Utica is going to be a good thing. Brassard has shown flashes of being a legit prospect and I could see him inking an ELC elsewhere if he's not signed by us.

    2. Curmudgeon


      Thanks. Exactly what I was looking for.

  12. 8 Reasons to not sign Erik Karlsson: 1. He will cost way too much money (10? 11? 12? 13 million). 2. He will be under contract way too long. (6 or 7 years) 3. This is the third consecutive year his point totals have declined. (from 82 in 15-16 to 71 to 62 to 50+) 4. This is the third consecutive year his games played have decline. (82 to 77 to 71 to Maximum 62) 5. At 29 he will be far outside the team trend towards younger players. 6. He may prevent the addition of another right-handed defensive prospect like Jett Woo, Mitch Eliot, Jalen Chatfield 7. His contract would be great while he was playing like Erik Karlsson, but would be an anchor when he eventually wasn't, which I would estimate at three years, four tops. 8. Such a deal would become the main excuse for why Vancouver often seems so cash foolish on July 1st.
  13. General Motors is closing an auto plant in Ohio. Trump attacks the president of the union and suggests he should get his act together. The company closed the plant, not the union. Is there a floor to this idiot or does he just keep sinking deeper and deeper into the muck?
  14. I am watching New Zealand TV live right now. Interesting to watch the difference between New Zealand coverage and US-based Cable News machines. I managed to get this link to work but it took a little persistence.
  15. I am happy that Quinn has signed. I am expecting him to play cautiously since he is very aware that the jump to the NHL is bigger than anything he has ever done. If he flies in there and tried to take the game over with end to end rushes, he will likely find himself fishing the puck out of his own net. NHL forwards didn't get to be NHL forwards by letting a green as grass rookie make them look stupid. My best advice (which is so cheap that it is absolutely free) is for fans to expect nothing spectacular, and settle for no-Pouliot-style-errors-in-his-own-zone. If Quinn can correct this one glaring weakness in the Canucks defence, we should be happy with that. Anything more is pure gravy.
  16. I think it is because the pre-sentencing guidelines indicated Manafort could expect a sentence of between 17 and 24 years. I believe the non-GOP news outlets see the actual sentence as insufficient given the gravity of the crimes, the amounts of money involved and the blatant disregard for giving truthful answers to questions about his illegal actions.
  17. Anybody can play when they are part of a great team that is winning and is in the hunt for the Stanley Cup. It is when times are tough and the team is struggling to be a contender that a player's true character reveals itself. At a point where the team was in a downward spiral, had fired the GM and later the coach, Kesler's first words to new GM Benning were not "I want a trade" but "I want a trade to Anaheim". The choice he had to make was this: Do I stay here with my teammates and help battle back to contention, or do I think about myself and what I want because in the final analysis, I am the important one and screw the rest of the guys I've gone to war with? Kesler bailed on his teammates for no other reason than self-interest. It was more important to him to see his own name on the Stanley Cup than the names of the 25 or so other guys who had to work together to win. Bottom line: hockey is a team game, and the best players always put the team first and themselves second. When the time came for a gut check, Kesler failed. Final thought: Contrast Kesler's stance with Bieksa, who famously said, I'm willing to go down with the ship. Which guy would YOU put in the ring of honour?
  18. I presume you are talking about Craig Simpson. And if not, why not?
  19. I think, Ryan, that Trump isn't so much about prudent foreign policy as he is about the enormous business opportunities that North Korea could provide the Trump Organization if Kim would only give up his nukes and go into business with Trump. Trump is on record as admiring all that beautiful real estate waiting to be developed. Trump knows Jack about foreign policy, diplomacy or history, but he knows how to make business deals and that's really all he is interested in, because even Trump knows he won't be president forever and when he leaves, he'll have been largely successful in building his brand. That's all he cares about. He is sucking up to Kim so that Kim will like him and trust him enough to let Trump do business in North Korea. He is merely positioning himself and the Trump Organization for future business deals. That is why he "fell in love" with Kim, because he thinks he sees the opportunity to make a crapload of money.
  20. And this was after the Americans DROPPED the requirement for US verification of NoKo nuclear sites/facilities. Trump is so gullible, or else he's completely ambivalent. If he believes that Kim had nothing to do with Otto Wambier's eventually fatal treatment at the hands of North Korea, and after all Kim said he felt bad about it and Trump believed him, then he is either willfully stupid, or else he sees that Kim is just a normal guy who orders the murder of his own brother and has his uncle executed with an ANTI-AIRCRAFT GUN AT CLOSE RANGE. So Trump has left Hanoi earlier to come home to the peace and quiet of Washing........never mind.
  21. You are right about that. The BCHL sends more kids to the NCAA than any other provincial junior league. And while the BCHL isn't on par with Major Junior, its very best players would also be very, very good in Major Junior. So why don't they opt for the Dub? As soon as a player plays a single game in Major Junior, he loses US college eligibility. Even an exhibition game. Years ago some teams used to get around this by listing players with a different name so they could play in exhibition games. The NCAA scouts caught on and blew the whistle. I don't think Major Junior teams try that anymore, but who knows?