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  1. [Waivers] Corrado and Vey on Waivers

    It's too bad that most of CDC has been bamboozled by the hype that has consistently poured out of the Vancouver sports media about the how Frankie Corrado is a shoe-in for the team. All based on a few games he played in 2013. Obviously, all of those so-called sports journalists never bothered to watch him play in Utica. He was quite disappointing last year, especially in the playoffs. Simply put, he was not able to up his game. And, in the training camp and pre-season, it became obvious that both Bartowski and Hutton had leap-frogged him on the depth chart. The best thing for him and his potential development is to be getting AHL experience. As far as potential call-ups are concerned (for the D), I think Biega is ahead of Corrado. It looks like Vey is one of those guys who show promise, but are slow to put it all together. He needs to find out how he can fulfill a role on an NHL team. The best place for him to learn that is in Utica. I don't blame JB too much for the mis-read on Vey when they gave up a 2nd rounder. It may be that he passed muster from the pro scouting staff. Benning, after all, had spent his whole NHL career in the Eastern Conference, so probably had not so much knowledge of depth guys on the Western teams. Overall, good moves by management. Can people now cool it about how slow the "rebuild" is with the Canucks?
  2. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    I like this trade. I doubt that Bonino was ever going to become a good 2nd line C. And, as others have said, he doesn't have the skill-set or the attitude to be that reliable 3rd C who can check other teams' top players. Actually, I do think he will fit better in the East. I thought Clendenning played himself off the potential roster with his tepid play during the Comets' playoff run this season. Poor and unreliable defensively is not a way to get your coach's confidence as a D man!. Sutter is a more developed and reliable player. He will be a big upgrade as the 3rd C. He is a great penalty killer, which the team will need after losing Richardson. He also scored 21 goals! That will be welcome. All in all, I'm looking forward to what he can offer this team. I think the draft pick swap will be mostly a wash, given the relative positions of the picks involved. So, overall, Benning improved the team with this trade, and, without a big cost. That's what you need to accomplish in a trade.
  3. (Article) Mike Burnstein fired!

    Talk about a typical CDC over-reaction! This is a perfect example why this site has such a woeful reputation. Why should there be a guarantee of a job for anyone in this organization? I expect Linden is firing Burnstein because he is bringing in someone who he expects to do a better job. That simple! And, this new guy, as it seems, is in the forefront of professionals who work with fitness and injury management and treatment. It looks like his knowledge and skill-level in this field is at another level compared to guys like Burnstein. Can you guys just stop this gut-reaction thing when it comes to the changes that Linden/Benning are making? And, as far as this latest change is concerned, somehow I think Trevor knows a helluva lot more about fitness than anyone posting here!
  4. Good move. I think Gilman was vastly over-rated, thanks to those idiots at 1040. Why is it that he gets all the credit for those good contracts, like the 2nd Burrows one, but never takes the heat for all those NTC's? He was the point man on all those contracts, people! He did help Gillis make adjustment to the job of being a GM, mind you. And, oh yeah, look at the job he did! Lorne Henning had just been in the job too long. That simple. Crawford was Gillis' man He was the final arbiter on all the player assessment for trades, as well as amateur (drafting). He definitely needed to go, with more of those assessments being made by Benning & Co. Overall, it looks like Linden handled this well. Gave everyone a year to figure it out, rather than prematurely acting last year.
  5. Jim Benning on TSN 1040 (June 30 8:30am)

    People have got to realize that Benning & Co are not going to trade away most of the veteran core this year. I very much doubt that Hamhuis will be traded at all. As far as other vets like Higgins, Burrows and Hansen are concerned - maybe one of them this year. Bieksa will be gone. Kassian has this year to show that he has learned how to be a consistent player, or he's gone. If they just cleaned the cupboards this year, who is going to be the structure of a team stocked by young, mostly unproven players? In that scenario, the team is worried that attendance would fall dramatically, along with wins. And they are right! So. take a deep breath and be OK with this pace that Benning/Linden have set to restructure this team. There should be upwards of 4 spots on the roster up for grabs come October! And that's enough!
  6. Lukas Jasek Talk

    I agree...a very promising pick by JB. I could care less about his so-called PCS, but, obviously, our European scouts had tabbed him for Benning to have a close look at in those international tournaments. By the way, I think he dropped so much because of his relatively poor showing at the U18's. Goes to show that NHL teams tend to place too much emphasis on that one tournament.
  7. Brock Boeser Talk

    Yeah, I'm disappointed that Canucks Army has gone so far in their love affair with stats analysis. They seem to be using their new PCS ratings as the be-all and end-all when it comes to how they rate these draft prospects. Using their model, there is no apparent need for any skilled scouting! There are just so many flaws in the usefulness of this type of analysis, that it becomes more of a distraction, rather than an aid. I know this is difficult for those would-be sports journos over at CA to hear - but there is no real substitute for the eyes of a good scout!
  8. Brock Boeser Talk

    Great pick! Definitely seemed like his skill-set is just what this team needs...more skilled scorers! And with size and determination! He was undoubtedly the BPA at 23. I would have liked to add Jeremy Roy too, but not at 23. For some of you who are concerned about the college commitment...remember there have been some great players who have gone the NCAA route - Toews, Parise, Schneider, etc. It doesn't always mean that they stay the full 4 years. And most (even those from Minnesota) fulfill their draft commitment with the team that drafted them. In this case, I would imagine the kid will leave ND after a couple of years. I am not overly impressed with Konecny, unlike some others. I have no doubts that Boeser will turn out to be the more impressive prospect.
  9. [All Access] Canucks Pre-Draft Scouting Meeting

    Yeah, this video has got to date back to January or February. Look at the clothes they're all wearing - sweaters and flannel shirts! Definitely still winter when this was made.
  10. OKC fans are sparse tonight! The arena might be 25%? So far, as far as the Comets go, Baertchi, and Grenier very noticeable offensively (as in previous playoff games). Gaunce, Bancs and O'Reilly also doing well in their 200 ft game. Biega playing well. Not impressed with Clendenning's defense so far. It looks like Baertchi and Grenier should get a look in September. They are obviously the cream of the offense. I like how Gaunce is playing. He is responsible, but seems to have found more self-confidence lately and is showing more offensive push. Looks promising! If I were Benning, I would be inclined to have another look at Biega as a bottom pairing D for the Canucks. He is smart and is a good two-way D. Shinkaruk has been very quiet so far tonight. I think he definitely will need another year in Utica.
  11. Size and Intensity

    This thread is really going retro! Anaheim did not beat Calgary because they were "tougher" or "grittier". They soundly beat them because they were a much better team! They had more talented depth, who showed up. They had a solid and balanced D, who showed up. Calgary, on the other hand, was more evenly matched with Vancouver - they were both above average teams. The Canucks lost because their weak D was exposed, and did not contribute offensively. The Canucks depth forwards did not perform, unlike Calgary's. If Vancouver had won Game 1, they would probably have won the series. Game 1 could have been won with a more experienced coach. Of course, intensity is important. And so is talent and skill. Truculence and toughness is also helpful, but less important for a team's success than talent, skill and intensity throughout the line-up. Don't let the Vancouver sports media create this narrative!
  12. Size and Intensity

    By the way, here are the figures for Chicago: forwards: median height - 6' 1.5"; median weight - 200 defense: median height - 6' 1/2 "; median weight - 200 They do not seem to be too worried about size! Nor does their relative lack of size affect their success! I think the lesson here is that size is not everything! Throughout the line-up, skill, speed and "intensity" are perhaps more important. We'll see how Benning juggles these factors soon!
  13. Size and Intensity

    This is how I calculated the size of the Canucks, by median, not average: forwards: median height - 6'2"; median weight - 205 defense: median height - 6'1"; median weight - 200 Vey is listed at 189, not 179. Horvat is not the heaviest forward, Matthias has that honour! Overall, the forwards look like they are just above "average" (though I don't think there is data available on the median sizes). The big problem in size is obviously the defense. And, of course, that subjective measurement called "intensity" is very important!
  14. Does linden vey have a future on the Canucks?

    Undoubtedly, he will be given a chance to earn a roster spot. And fair enough. That probably means a new one year deal. But, he has some good competition at both RW and C. Unless he has bulked up and added some backbone during the summer, my expectation is that he will not (at 24) outshine those other prospects. And I just don't see him as gritty enough (even less than Wellwood) to be on the bottom six.
  15. Does linden vey have a future on the Canucks?

    Agree totally with JamesB. I would much rather give that RW spot to Jensen, who has size, speed, and shoots well. I think, here, we have an example of Benning not wanting to ditch his pick, despite all the negative stats, as well as visual evidence of his very mediocre play. He is not worth the gamble of, hoping, at 24, he can turn his career around. If they keep him, it would just be a waste of a roster spot that could have gone to a younger, more deserving prospect. I think Benning was fooled by his AHL numbers. Which were probably inflated due to playing with Tofolli and Pearson. Again, though, we don't know if Vey actually was the choice of Benning or whether he listened to his scouts. Remember, Benning was hired towards the end of May. So he only had a month before the draft (which was also filled with all the other details of coming into a GM's shoes in a new organization. It may be that Benning is not so committed to Vey, as a result. By the way, I think it sounds like they are planning on keeping Kassian. This is going to be enough of a project for the coaches without loading Vey onto poor Willies shoulders too!