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  1. Good job, JB! I like these signings...good bottom six guys. With these guys, we won't be short of veteran presence. At the same time, our oldest players are 32 and 33. A good balance of youth and vets. Training camp competition is going to be fierce!
  2. This would be almost a duplicate of the Dorsett signing. People, you need to stop thinking in terms of dollars, per se, and start thinking in terms of percentage of cap space. I'm fairly sure that's how management approaches contracts. Dorsett's contract for 2.65 mil took up (in 2014-15) 3.8% of the team's salary cap. If Roussel's contract is (say) 3.15 mil, then his contract would be 3.9% of the salary cap. If they, in fact do not spend fully to the cap, then his percentage increases. On the upside, he seems to have more reliable offensive skills than Dorsett.
  3. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    How many teams start a rebuild after losing in the playoffs that season? Usually it takes at least a couple of seasons of missing out on the playoffs before management even admit to the possibility. Given the age of the twins (33) at the start of the 2014/15, it wasn't unreasonable for management to try to make the playoffs again that season. But they were trying a "retool", and a first big step was to try and reduce that bunch of NTC's and NMC's. Regardless of when any rebuild starts, it was essential to move those NTC's and NMC's. Ken Holland once said that no GM wants to go into a "rebuild", per se, because they often take 10 years! And, given the life span of GM's with any team, usually they do not get to see the results of their efforts. And, of course, for owners, that usually means reduced revenues! Heaven forbid. The question then becomes, will Linden/ Benning be around when this team starts to contend again?
  4. I think most of you are criticizing Bergevin and Julien too much on this trade. Galchenyuk has driven two coaches bananas with his incomplete development. When he has been tried at C, he seems to forget about his defensive responsibilities. That, together with his inconsistent effort, will force coaches to shift him to wing. Yes, he has size, but he doesn't use it consistently. His speed is average. I don't know...he looks like he has hit his ceiling. Apparently, Arizona's GM seems to think he will be played as a C! Good luck with that. And, by the way, Julien is not a bad coach...he has won the Cup, after all! As far as Domi is concerned, I think Montreal sees him as more coachable, as well as being more usable up and down the line up. And, I don't think he has hit his ceiling yet. All in all, this is at least a decent hockey trade. The next season or so will really tell us who came out ahead.
  5. UFA Signings (Proposals)

    Well, my UFA recommendation is much more modest. But, first, there are two realities that I, at least, accept about the current state of this team: 1. It will take a couple of years, at least, for this team to mature enough to be ready to compete for the playoffs. There are still more questions than answers about some of the youngsters, especially those in their 20's. (I'm looking at you Gaunce, Goldobin, Motte, Leipsic). Let alone the newbies like Juolevi, Petersson, Dahlen, Gaudette, Jascek and Lind. Some of these guys might not make it. That's the risk of a rebuild process. You need patience. 2. With the current roster, even with new additions like Pettersson, Gaudette, and Juolevi, there is a distinct lack of veteran presence. This is especially true in the forward bunch, where only Erriksson and Sutter can be counted as true vets. The D is in better shape with vets, mind you, which should be some help in the room. Even so, the overall youth and inexperience of that forward bunch worries me. So, I think a solid veteran addition is needed. 3. Another "reality" that is apparent and is related to the 2nd point, is the lack of veteran toughness, again, especially in the forwards. My answer would be to sign as a UFA a player like Patrick Maroon. At 30 years old, he brings veteran presence, size and toughness. He also can play, and has some offensive pedigree. He should come fairly cheap between 2-3 million. He would want term, so sign him for 3-4 years. He and Virtanen can add that grit for the forwards (how we miss Dorsett!). Gubranson can do the same for the back end. Keep it simple. Don't bother looking for miracles. But that room, without the Sedins, will really need some veteran leadership. And, some of the existing vets would not be seen so much as leaders in the room (Edler, Erriksson, and Tanev). So adding someone like Maroon could help those vets like Sutter and Gubranson.
  6. Players who can move up and down the roster are a coach's dream. Granlund can do that...to some extent. I'm sure Green will use him accordingly. Can he keep that 2nd line C job? He needs to convince the coach. He's now 25, so if he wants to prove his offensive side, nows the time. In fact, I think this next season is going to be the "show me" season for a few of our hopefuls. Young players (but not rookies) like Gaunce, Leipsic, Motte, Goldobin, and Dowd. I would not count on any of these guys actually proving that they belong, let alone becoming stars. Newcomers - Dahlen, Jascek, Gaudette and Pettersson - I'm not worried about. I think they will make the show this year or next. But if Goldobin and Gaunce, especially, don't show marked improvement during the Fall, they must be traded. They have had plenty of chances to show their worth. WE probably need a longer look at Leipsic. And, I imagine either Motte or Dowd will be kept as utility guys, if nothing else (Motte is a good PK'er). Given what the roster will look like, come September, I can't see Sutter being traded. He and Eriksson are the only real veterans in the forward bunch. They may even try to get another veteran forward, not necessarily a big name, but someone like Dorsett, who was a real utility guy, as well as adding that veteran toughness and accountability. I think that will be needed with this very young roster.
  7. Olli Juolevi | D

    Saying that OJ went through the same surgical procedure (micro discectomy) as Edler does not mean that they had exactly the same injury! A micro discectomy is essentially a laproscopic procedure where they go in and shave a disc that is protruding. There can be a huge difference, case to case, depending (as always) on the severity of the injury ( how much protrusion, any tearing,etc). From the brief description, it could totally be caused by improper weight training (very common!). There is no reason to think that he won't be healed within 4-6 weeks. However, if he were my patient, I would suggest that he continue to be careful in how much he challenges his low back in training for a further few weeks.. He's a young athlete...with all that fabulous growth hormone still flooding his system! He'll be fine. Btw, I think Edler had been carrying his low back injury for a while before he had the surgery. So, without knowing any of his medical details, that could point to a developing chronic situation, perhaps causing more damage.
  8. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Agree. Apart from Dahlin, there is no clear consensus on how the five next best D are ranked. That tells us not only are they all deemed "inferior" to Dahlin, but they are all considered at least top 4 D. The ceiling for most is usually a #1 D (not necessarily a franchise D, like Dahlin). And these kids are all only 17 or 18...so, of course they are going to have "faults". The game has changed in the NHL. So-called undersized D are no longer anathema. Speed, passing, agility, hockey smarts all outweigh size and toughness. And, the big factor that has brought sea-change to the draft lately is the rise of the Euros, both D and forwards. That, itself, is a reflection of how the NHL game has changed. The idea that you do not draft D in the top 10 reeks of mis-applied statistics. Every draft is different. Comparing drafts along those lines, without understanding the particular context of each draft is a mistake. Unfortunately, we do it all the time! Even Pronman, in my opinion, applies similar parameters with his rankings. And, finally, seeing Boqvist as "small" at 5' 11" (and, therefore, I assume "risky") is short-sighted (pun intended!). He is only 17. He is very likely to add a couple of inches over the next couple of years (refer to his brother, Jesper).
  9. Agree with Old News on this one. I don't understand at all the admiration for this guy here. Sure, he was interesting on the radio...so what. What was one of the biggest problems of the Gillis era? Those awful NMC and NTC contracts. Who was the architect for those? That's right, your man, Gilman. He talks well on the radio, but he's hopeless in the management of a franchise! But, he seems like a nice guy!
  10. I'm curious why the success of Vegas has not even dented the endless reams of advice from pundits and fans/bloggers about having to score knockouts in your 1st round drafts for years in order to compete for the SCF (just like the Jets!). Apparently drafting is everything. Well, guess what? It ain't so! Vegas has six players selected in the 1st round. Apart from Fleury who was a #1 pick ( the 33 year old who was written off by Pittsburgh last year), the top of that list was chosen at #18. No superstars, no generational players. One hot goalie, though (who deserves the Vezina as well as the playoff MVP)! So when do we give credit to the coaches? To me, it's obvious. When you have the kind of roster that Vegas does this year, and so many players are having career years, you must give huge credit to the coaches (and the management team, of course, for putting the team together). But especially the coaches. Watching this series, the Jets keep on making too many mistakes. Most of them resulting in grade A scoring chances for Vegas. Despite the mediocre talent, Vegas seems to make fewer mistakes. And, if they do, there always seems to be someone there to bail them out (not to mention Fleury!). So, perhaps the lesson here is not the so-called Winnipeg model, and not what is being touted as the Vegas model - fast forwards, willing top play a 200 ft game, as well as good puck-moving D. But rather, how extremely important it is to have really good coaches. For Vancouver, it's too early to tell about Greene. But I would definitely be saying bye-bye to Baumer!
  11. [Report] Tom Wilson suspended 3 games

    It's always amazing to me that when the league tries to enforce the rules against head shots, it brings out all the knuckle-draggers, as well as all the armchair "experts" who somehow know better! The guy got slammed in the jaw, for gods sake! Isn't the jaw part of the head?
  12. Olli Juolevi | D

    It seems that the narrative describing OJ's development as "disappointing", is based on false assumptions (otherwise known as "fake news"). These anxious and disappointed people stress the "fact" that players drafted after him are doing very well. Check it out. In fact, there are only 3 players, from the first round, who were chosen after OJ who have done anything noteworthy at all....Tkachuk, Sergachev and McAvoy. That's it, folks! All the others are either wallowing away in Juniors, or are struggling in the AHL. Most of them still in Juniors. It looks like the 2016 draft, outside of the top 10, may have been one of the weaker ones in recent history. Though, really, it is too early to tell. The reality of the Draft is that every year you are going to see this kind of situation play out, even, sometimes benefitting the Canucks. Given how successful Boeser has been in his rookie year, does it mean that all the players chosen before him in the 2015 draft, who haven't done so well, are busts?
  13. I wish people would just stop with this useless tirade against the OJ pick, based on the "fact" that he must be an inferior talent because he has not played in the NHL yet, while his draft peers, like Sergachev and Chychrun have actually played games. As mentioned, those two were always seen as being more "NHL ready", and ,so, it shouldn't be a surprise that they made their team's roster. So what? Virtanen also made the team after being drafted. What did that actually mean? But, with Sergachev, after being acquired by TB, he was eased into the lineup, with very sheltered minutes. TB could afford to do that because they were such a powerhouse team. And, obviously, he learned, and id OK. That can't be said about Chychrun, unfortunately. He did not get a lot of shelter in Arizona! So he struggles. I think the Canucks learned a valuable lesson because of the experience with Jake...it is often better for the young player's development to be patient and not rush him, which could be counter-productive on so many levels. And, of course, some kids do mature and grow at different rates. The idiots over at 1040 are still beating this same dead horse, comparing OJ's post-draft experience to his draft D peers. Of course, typically, they never go more than superficial in their analysis, and, so, come to the conclusion (predictable) that OJ should not have been picked at #5. I would love to see them try to retract their opinions in 5 years! By the way, to call Ed Willis a "hockey guy" is a bit of a stretch. He's just a Sun/Provie hack, with no real depth knowledge or experience with hockey.
  14. Why does Bob Nicholson get a free pass on the mess that has been created in Edmonton? Shouldn't the "buck" stop at his desk?
  15. Tank Thread

    Also this...there is no way that they are going to "catch" the Sabres for 31st spot. So, the difference in the odds in the draft lottery for 30th - 27th spots is only a few percentage points. The odds are still stacked against you no matter where you might finish. Just look at the last couple of years for the Canucks! Finishing at 30th or 29th is no guarantee for a top 3 pick! That's the point of the new lottery system. It's designed to discourage tanking. The Leafs (of course!) were the last ones to reap the benefit of tanking under the old lottery system. So, maybe this time, if we finish higher (say 26th), our luck will turn and the lottery will push us up to the first 3 picks! Worth trying!