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  1. Please stay on topic guys and avoid discussing other users of this board. Warnings/suspensions will be forthcoming if it doesn't stop.
  2. To save money they should probably just turn the show into a sitcom.
  3. That CGI was truly awful. The second episode after the mid season break also had a bad green screen moment with Rick on top of that pile of garbage. I know after Season 1 their budget was slashed and hence why the season was set pretty much entirely on the farm. You have to wonder if this season has budget issues as well and they aren't handling it very well.
  4. I think Vrbata didn't get moved because of the playoff bonus money. Playoffs: $250,000 Per Playoff Round: $250,000
  5. Just a reminder to everyone in this thread to please stick to discussing the topic at hand without attacking other users. Two more users have been warned and/or suspended for attacking other users in this thread.
  6. Please do not recreate previously locked threads. If you have an issue with a thread being locked please send a PM to the moderator who locked it.
  7. Sizes have ranged medium to XL. If I get a free one then I'll use it for XL.
  8. I'm 4/9. 3 free coffees and a free donut. I think I'm taking some of your wins.
  9. It's from Jonah Keri of CBS Sports.
  10. I thought he was a decent pickup until I read the above back in January. I still think he might be pretty good, but I don't think he's anywhere near an amazing player.
  11. Please stay on topic guys. I know this thread has become somewhat all encompassing, but let's try to at least keep it to US politics.
  12. 1/1 I won a free coffee.