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  1. RIP George Romero. Looking forward to the Walking Dead episode where they throw pies at the Walkers.
  2. I don't think you can blame anyone but the players for that. I don't think a different manager is going to make these veteran hitters change their approach at the plate. Aside from putting on a hit and run (team strikes out too much and has very little speed), or calling for a bunt (only a few guys on the team capable), I don't see what Gibbons can really do. It's super frustrating to watch them struggle to score runs and hit so poorly with runners in scoring position, but I don't think that's on Gibbons. I think that's that probably the least of their concerns right now. Tepera, Osuna and Barnes have all been good. If the team was in contention at the trade deadline I'm sure they could go out and get someone to help. The starting pitching hasn't been very good, it's been inconsistent and they are giving up a lot of runs early in games. If the starting pitching was better the bullpen would be even less of a concern. The teams inability to score runs is probably their biggest concern. They are one of the worst teams when hitting with runners in scoring position this year.
  3. How come Batman doesn't dance anymore? RIP Adam West.
  4. While I understand where you are coming from this isn't really the appropriate place to discuss this. Your idea wouldn't really work simply because it would become more of a popularity contest than anything else and inevitably some posters would get ganged up on just for having a differing opinion. There are already systems in place to deal with problem posters and a set of board rules that outline what is and isn't appropriate behaviour for this forum. If a user is a real problem and violating the board rules you can use the board report function (a better way of dealing with problem users than voting). We actually don't receive that many reports for a user base this size and it's the best way to get mod intervention if a user is causing issues. Even if no action is taken, it might at least put them on the radar if they are walking a fine line between what is and isn't appropriate. Other than that your best bet is to use the board ignore/block function or just not to respond to users you can't get along with.
  5. I can do name changes as well, but people usually end up messaging Stealth. He's the busiest out of all of us being the only admin so hence why the delay. If you message me I usually make the change within 48 hours.
  6. That's probably the last thing the Jays want. I'd say it's more goodwill and trying to win over some fans there.
  7. Please stay on topic guys and avoid discussing other users of this board. Warnings/suspensions will be forthcoming if it doesn't stop.
  8. To save money they should probably just turn the show into a sitcom.
  9. That CGI was truly awful. The second episode after the mid season break also had a bad green screen moment with Rick on top of that pile of garbage. I know after Season 1 their budget was slashed and hence why the season was set pretty much entirely on the farm. You have to wonder if this season has budget issues as well and they aren't handling it very well.