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  1. I'm going to close this for now as this source seems sketchy at best. If someone can come up with some background on this guy that could change. For now though it seems like just another anonymous twitter account claiming to have sources.
  2. Please only post actual deals, signings, etc. with source links and tags to this forum section.
  3. A lot of online stores pulled Canada Post as a shipping option beginning of last week or earlier because they were warned ahead of time to do so by Canada Post. Amazon shouldn't be an exception. The other couriers are experiencing a heavier work load though, so it might take a little longer than normal for them to get it to you.
  4. WTF My thread was not about the trade it was about whether JB screwed up out chances! Why do you always shut down peoples threads...Facist


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    2. Shift-4


      If anything the mod staff don't shut down enough threads 

    3. Lil B From The Pack

      Lil B From The Pack

      communism is better

    4. Templeton Peck

      Templeton Peck

      The thread was closed for lack of substance more than anything else as it was a one liner. I posted a link to the thread regarding the trade where the question could be asked instead.

  5. Please pay attention to which forum section you are posting in, this is the wrong forum section for this.
  6. They could do flash sales if they really wanted to. Just leave those games at regular price so people won't buy them until they hit the flash sale. I think Valve is on auto pilot at this point with Steam though. Just sit back and rake in the money.
  7. I was enjoying the comments on the various prospects we have.

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    2. Templeton Peck

      Templeton Peck

      The edit button should show up now on your first post at the bottom now that it is unlocked.

    3. Bandwagon38


      Is that more of what you are looking for?

    4. Templeton Peck

      Templeton Peck

      Yes. That's plenty of content now.

  8. Please make an effort to stay on topic and do not derail threads.
  9. Please make an effort to stay on topic and not derail threads.
  10. I think part of the problem with the multiple topics is people kept posting this in the wrong forum section.