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  1. All things considered, Hughes looked great and he's going to be a beauty. He's not just a great skater, he handles the puck with no fear and makes smart plays. This kid is a first line D man.
  2. Hughes and Petey together in 3 on 3 extra time, will look pretty interesting.
  3. Dude couldn't score playing with the best centre in the NHL! He's old, slow, and expensive. If we're looking for toughness, there's no shortage of it in a younger, cheaper, nastier option.
  4. As a Canucks fan in Winnipeg here are a couple random thoughts on Myers. One, he's a character guy, no drama or ego, great with teammates and fans. Two, really good wheels and great shot, a good rushing d-man right for the style of this era. He'd be great on the PP. Three, he can be an adventure on D. Inconsistent, would not use him as a no. 1 PK guy but maybe with his experience he's a decent option. Four, pretty soft for a big guy, not as great in front of the net as you'd expect. Him with Hughes would be dangerous, who would hang back and play D? But like I said, he's a good teammate and maybe his experience is a greater asset than I think. I'm thinking Bowmeester....
  5. I have no problem with Benning's draft record, it's been good in a very competitive business. His trades and player development is a mystery to me. Bringing in Green was a great step in player development. But losing McCann, Dahlen, and Tryamkin were blunders. It's not enough to draft well, the players are assets that should be developed. Several times now Benning's given away too valuable assets for little and signed for too long and too much. Why not keep Benning for scouting director, his strength, and get a manager to handle trades, contracts, and development?
  6. I guess I worry that we're not building from the back end. St. Louis and most of the other teams that went far had good depth at D. Every year the list of injured D men is almost comical. It will happen again next year, and when it does we will wonder why we decided to stock up on mid level forwards when our D has no depth. Then again, we need depth pretty much everywhere so a potential NHL player is a good news story, d or forward.
  7. Kid's got the raw talent, he's going to be an impact player in the NHL. I'm going to sit back and enjoy his progress. He's 19, not everyone is Elias.
  8. Thanks and good luck to you guys too!