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  1. If Lucic was that great he'd still be playing in Boston. 
  2. [PGT] Ducks 4, Vancouver 0

    and the Care Bear back pack...  
  3. [PGT] Ducks 4, Vancouver 0

    Totally agree, where were our vets defending our young guys. But what the hell is Getzlaf doing going after a pair of 19 year olds? Real he-man hockey Getzlaf, and this is a captain?  
  4. [Recall] Canucks Recall Pedan, Reassign Fedun

    That image isn't ugly???
  5. Is Jake Virtanen ready for the NHL?

    Virtanen has to show more to convince me he's ready, so far he's run around a lot looking to make hits but little else. The NHL isn't a development league, like WD said, it's a results league. Virtanen has the physical assets, he needs more than that, and i'm not convinced he'll get those skills watching on the bench and playing protected minutes. 
  6. Is Jake Virtanen ready for the NHL?

    Virtanen needs to play big minutes at the most important times in the game. He needs the confidence to take risks, stretch his skill set. He's not getting that in NHL. I think his future looks great, but I can see Willie pounding into his head the no risks, dump and chase, don't get caught deep, safety first game. The last thing I want is players who are great at playing the trap. I'm not paying $100 to watch a team like New Jersey. Virtanen has a lot of potential, but small minutes, riding the bench, low risk ice time, isn't going to develop him the way he could develop. And I don't buy the argument that he can only get first rate training at the NHL level, Jr. hockey has great training staff too.
  7. They are remarkable. For all the cheap shots they take on the ice and in the out-of-town media, including CBC, it's amazing how they keep calm, focussed, and positive. Pro athletes don't need to be role models, but they are, regardless. 
  8. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Lucic on the first line? I thought we were trying to win?  
  9. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Watching Gaunce outplay Virtanen last night perfectly explains why Virtanen needs to go back to junior. He needs more skill and he needs to process the game more effectively. You get that from playing big minutes in every situation. Not playing sheltered minutes and running around trying to lay out players on every shift. He's got one assist in eight games and hasn't looked dangerous. That's not what I expect from my top ten draft pick. Virtanen could be good some day, he's got the toolbox, but right now all I see is size, speed. Add some skills to those elements and you have an NHL forward. 
  10. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Send him down and make him work on his skills. It's great to be big fast player who can through a body check, but that isn't top six material, that's a good checking line player. He was chosen 6th overall, let develop into a skilled player with physical assets. 
  11. WD is out of his depth

    I'm still waiting for the moment when it looks like Virtanen really belongs. Hutton and McCann, yes, Bo of course, but Virtanen, not yet. 
  12. WD is out of his depth

    I don't think WD is out of his depth at all. The sad reality is that our prospects aren't NHL all stars like every one is making them out to be. WD sees these kids on a daily basis in practice and in all kinds of situations. McCann is performing like a promising top 6 NHL forward. He deserves to play and WD is rewarding him. Bo should probably play more and we could do with less Prust. But the others, well we're not a development league. We have those and that's where those who need seasoning should play. Stop pretending we're set to win the cup this year and start planning for the future and develop properly. As had been said a lot, Edmonton is a perfect example of why we don't want to develop players in the NHL to a great degree, as entertaining as that might be.
  13. Ben Hutton Talk

    Hutton looks great, he's not going anywhere. 
  14. Jared McCann Talk

    Totally agree, McCann won't have guys like Backes and Boychuk lining him up every night. He's already getting hurt and the season just started. Let him got down, get bigger and stronger, and focus on the parts of the game he needs to improve. The Canucks training staff will give him a detailed training schedule while he's in junior, he doesn't need to be in Vancouver to get advice from the Canucks staff. Build him for the long term, he'll be a beauty, we don't need this trial by fire, that's not development.
  15. Jared McCann Talk

    I was living in Edmonton when Nugent-Hopkins played his first year. I watched s he got the crap kicked out of him every night. The Oil needed a top centre and he played until hurt. They definitely set back his development. McCann should go down and get bigger and stronger . He'll be better for it.