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  1. We can still trade Miller. Why not use Bachman? It's not like we're going anywhere this year. Pick up some good draft positions and plan for the future.
  2. Hutton has only played a year and a half in the league. He can skate and handle the puck his upside looks great why trade him when we know he'll improve and could improve a lot.
  3. He won't be here when we get back into contention take advantage of an opportunity to get young talent.
  4. I don't think you can call it tanking when you recognize your leading vets are in decline, you can't win a cup with the current lineup, so you trade those vets to develop prospects. You can still compete, and fans can support the prospects as they develop. It's not a simple choice between trying for the cup or tanking.
  5. Squeaking into the playoffs to lose in the first round doesn't interest me. it's not a cup winning strategy. Trade Miller and Edler for some high end drafts and prospects. Accept the rebuild and do it properly. Burrows might also bring a return of maybe a third round draft pick. The cup will be won on drafts and building on prospects, we're spinning out tires trying to make the playoffs knowing we can't win the cup. I think San Jose and Minnesota have proven we're just not ready for prime time.
  6. It seems like we're arguing over middle of the road players because we lack stars.
  7. Our defence is definitely better but still lacks high end talent. I think d is the most important piece so I don't mind benning building this .
  8. I'm not interested in making the playoffs with the inevitable loss. Develop the young players and draft some A grade talent, the hard working grinders will only go so far.
  9. If only there was a quick source of offence to put on the ice, but who...
  10. I think you should be our manager!
  11. There's too much expectation being placed on an 18 year old kid. If you really want to know what kind of NHL defenseman he'll be talk to me after he's played a couple years in the league. For now, let him learn and grow at his own pace and offer him some bloody support. He's a Canuck prospect now, let's cheer for him.
  12. Very much how I see him. A valuable top four well-suited to the modern style of game, but not necessarily a game breaker. We'll have that when we draft Dahlin
  13. He's only in his second year, the rule of thumb is it takes a few years for a good NHL dman to his his stride. Trading Hutton after a year and a half is way too early.
  14. Tanev is our best dman just entering his best years on a good contract. He moves the puck as well as anyone. Edler is on the downside of his career on a big contract. He still has a couple good years but won't be at his best when the youth starts to hit their stride. Trade Edler while the value is still there.
  15. It's a good sign MT is doing well, but what's his ceiling long term. I still think a top four D man is more valuable than a top six forward . Everyone knows a high end d takes longer to develop.