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  1. This is why you shouldn't do drugs, kids.
  2. Greg McKegg, has a nice ring to it
  3. Um...what? He can be sent down or recalled whenever the Canucks want.
  4. Thank you for your kind and helpful answer
  5. It's a question about a record, not the game itself. I'm not commenting on a specific play.
  6. This first period has gone by fairly fast with relatively few stoppages in play. Does anybody know if any kind of record has been kept of the longest uninterrupted play in a period by the Canucks (or any team)?
  7. Anyone else notice the guy is originally from Florida? It only took having two teams for two decades in the state of Florida for them to produce an NHL'er.
  8. Thank you for this new and informative thread which couldn't possibly fit with the other Vegas threads.
  9. With the Islanders and Lightning kicking off their series, it marks the start if the second round. However, the Ducks and Predators still have game 7 of their first round series to play this evening. I realize that it's different conferences so starting the next round doesn't have any bearing on this one, but has this kind of thing ever happened before?
  10. **18 year old Jake Virtanen is more of an 18 year old than 18 year old Sam Bennet**
  11. I'm probably doing Islanders and Rangers, never been to the northeast USA though.
  12. Higgins has our only game winner in these playoffs. Kthxbai
  13. Are you talking about a generic jersey for playing hockey or a Canucks jersey? If you're talking Canucks, the only way they'll be under $100 is if they're a Chinese knockoff.