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  1. TheNoelPatrol

    [Signing] Ducks sign Ryan Miller

  2. TheNoelPatrol

    (Expansion trade) CLB/VGK & NYI/VGK

    No, Minnesota. Atlanta was a year prior.
  3. TheNoelPatrol

    [PGT] Blue Jackets @ Canucks

    Problem is that it doesn't take into account that Vegas will get 3rd last odds.
  4. TheNoelPatrol

    OMG Snow?

    Fixed it for you.
  5. TheNoelPatrol

    The HEAVY METAL Thread

    I laugh at what people call metal. If there's no double kicks or screaming, it's not metal. Here's a good example of metal (the 30 second mark is quite excellent):
  6. TheNoelPatrol

    Canucks Memes

    It's awesome, the only problem is that that's Henrik. It wouldn't hurt if he stepped it up, though.
  7. TheNoelPatrol

    OMG Earthquake?

    Uggh, looks like there will be more stupid teenagers driving Skylines.