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  1. ** When are the Nux getting to Van**

    **18 year old Jake Virtanen is more of an 18 year old than 18 year old Sam Bennet**
  2. BOS away trip

    I'm probably doing Islanders and Rangers, never been to the northeast USA though.
  3. Higgins needs to be scratched!

    Higgins has our only game winner in these playoffs. Kthxbai
  4. Jerseys

    Are you talking about a generic jersey for playing hockey or a Canucks jersey? If you're talking Canucks, the only way they'll be under $100 is if they're a Chinese knockoff.
  5. Wedding Venues in the Valley

    Look up a place called Heritage Valley (I think?) in Abbotsford. I can't remember if you can see the mountains but it does have a nice garden type area and a good hall
  6. Zack Kassian on Twitter: "Lets go win a cup !"

    Twitter says that page doesn't exist
  7. [Trade] Erik Cole to Detroit

  8. Where does it say he was depressed? It said he overdosed.
  9. Miller's new Millionares pads.

    He should have talked to Luongo; he had some "like new" Millionaires gear.
  10. Amc crashing my telus box

    Get Shaw, problem solved.
  11. Father charged as girl, 5, thrown off US bridge

    John threw his daughter? I guess that's why his last name is Jonchuck...
  12. Upgrade in Goal vs Upgrade on Defence

    Cam Ward
  13. [GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings-11/30/14

    3rd straight shutout for Miller, 3-0.
  14. Weird Al Yankovic-Foil

    You're a few months too late.