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  1. Anthony will never make Top-6, if he makes the NHL at all. Too much of a longshot to call right now but I believe he will be an AHLer for the next 3-5 years (once promoted from Kalamazoo) then gradually get some 4th Line callups much alike Bolduc, Jaffray, Volpatti and others that have been regular callups the last few years. Archibald might be in that Top-6, it would be nice if he rounded out into a Bertuzzi 2.0 but at this point he has a long road travel before he gets there.
  2. Labate with an assist last night... Brings him to 12 Pts (3G, 9A) in 17 Games...not bad for a freshman at a good program such as Wisconsin.
  3. ^^Both goals on the PP...and as you mentioned, both late in the game. He has started to pass Jenner for Generals leader in points, and has kept on a relatively consistent pace all season. Real excited to see what he can do with a natural setup guy like Jordan Schroeder in the future, those two could make a great combo.
  4. Archibald has been assigned to the Canuck's ECHL affiliate Kalamazoo Wings. Hoping this will give him a chance to gain some confidence at a lower level and get back up with the Moose soon!!
  5. Possibly due to minor injury he was having problems with during training camp...? Anyone have any details on Rodin missing from line-up?
  6. Best yet, thanks for all the videos Kreuz!
  7. Can it Garth, I dislike French-Canadian players like this... This guy is going to be our new Marc-Andre Bernier (see 2003 draft), mark my words.
  8. Another head-scratcher by MG and Co. today...
  9. Hello there How's it going.

  10. HAHAHA beauty call
  11. I should have elaborated a little more... Mike Richards type player in the sense that he is not a huge guy but will hit anything that moves and will back it up even if he could get his arse handed to him, a team first guy that does what it takes to win, good leader, handles himself well, plays his best when it matters and these are all qualities that Richards has... Thus the Richards comparison minus the offense, but could see Alex being a guy that puts up 30-40 points in his prime He was picked over 100 spots back from where Richards was in a less deep draft year so obviously he isn't going to have the same upside, but has some good qualities in common EDIT:::: And if he turns out to be an Ian Laperriere great! I would take him any day of the week over that little gutless rat Matt Cooke, at least Ian backs up his actions and so will Friesen If you are familiar with Derek Dorsett on Columbus, I compare him to Friesen but Alex with more skill and less tendency to fight every night...but good do whatever you can to win leaders, which has Alex still projecting to be a good third liner that could push into the top six in his prime like Burrows has
  12. A Matt Cooke that will drop the gloves... Cooke so many times reminded me of a little rat that would nail guys but then run away like a little baby Friesen will back up his actions and I think could be more of a POOR MAN'S MIKE RICHARDS with maybe little less offense but great leadership skills and a team first demeanor
  13. Alex Friesen is a heart and soul player that will play for the Canucks one day guarenteed
  14. Me too, Brodin is a Burke type player with an edge but has some Swedish talent to go along with, good pickup for the Leafs
  15. Was Gillis on 1040 or NHL Network or something?? I must have missed it, shart