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  1. Agreed. This is another case where Sportsnet and/or the CP Canadian Press author of the article (is that Frank Seravelli) are putting a slightly misleading headline "Bo Horvat says he’s ready to be Captain Canuck in Vancouver" on the article. I hate it when whoever writes the headline takes what someone says out of context and puts a slightly different spin on it. If you just saw the headline by itself, you might be led to believe that Bo himself was lobbying for the Captaincy. But when you see his actual words in response to the question from the press about it, it is clear that he is not saying that the job should be his.
  2. Silovs really looked impressive at the Canucks Development Camp 2019 in July. His agility, quickness and flexibility were outstanding, he moves well laterally, and his size helps too. Looking forward so see how well Silovs does with the Barrie Colts this season.
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