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  1. I've been looking online for the orange text color that the lions have it pops out does anyone know the text color? I can't seem to find it online thanks again!
  2. We had a chance to draft kopitar am i right?
  3. One way or 2way deal?
  4. Thanks for the info guys thats awesome will look into everything
  5. Sites like betterbidding.com and biddingfortravel are good starts just wondering if people have any other tricks and tips for getting a good hotel example 4 star for cheaper than normal? So far im trying pricline and bidding my own bid but its bit getting accepted right now. Thanks guys!
  6. Will windows 10 be subscription only after a while since its the last windows?
  7. juice did what had to be done and if he is suspeneded so be it
  8. Best price for this tv? Its on sale for 1999.99 anyone has seen it cheaper right now or knows a good site to price match?
  9. is it worth it to buy the pvr's from shaw instead of having to pay for the rental???? it seems like it would be
  10. Its $15 for tv and $15 for internet i wonder if i could use their deal and get something similar with shaw ?? anyone have any luck doing this?
  11. Keep the great info coming
  12. I will be moving out and will need internet and tv it doesnt have to be a package im looking for good download and decent upload as well as sone hd channels for sports i will be a new customer and wife is still a student so maybe you guys can post your deals that you have and i might be able to get a similar deal?? Thanks guys!! Go canucks go!!