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  1. oh hay haven't seen you in a while, i miss our calvin and hobbes talks lol

  2. Ur a fracking retarded fat female dog. STFU and get out of Canada. There's enough abusive, alcoholic, terminally ill men in the USA, or do you not like being commanded by a black man?


  3. Not really. Just remembered you.

  4. Well now I am. Just got back on this week. What's the news? Why you want me back? People talking about me missing or something?

  5. So you're online and not posting?

  6. LOL Missed me eh? That's sweet. I knew everbody missed me! ;)

  7. Barely see you on.

  8. What do you mean what happened to me?

  9. What happened to you?

  10. pa pa pa powerdrill

  11. Ahahah, you only have two "friends" Sucker!!