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  1. You should have put Don Taylor in the center of your graph. It would resemble a middle finger.
  2. I just love how they try and put down Vancouverites, the city, and the team, because "we have nothing better to do than to listen to their talk shows"..... yet..... THE WHOLE SUBJECT OF THEIR SHOW IS US ! lmfao
  3. Look at their team on paper. Their record should be noticeably better than it is. My explanation is that they have too many guys in that room who think they're hot sh** Perry AND Kesler on the same team? Might as well add Pronger and Avery while you're at it... hell what's Matt Cooke up to.... If Anaheim shows up, this will be a chippy game. They won't have forgotten how Tryamkin ragdolled all their behemoth mouth pieces last time.
  4. Bingo. Superskills? pffft... you don't do laps in a game situation. It means nothing. Breaking away from guys and leaving them sucking smoke in your first few strides? THAT'S what matters, and I agree, I don't know if I've ever seen a player get going as quick as he did. If you weren't already in his way, you had no chance - he was gone, and likely the puck was going to end up in your net.
  5. Chaput got the call up because he's earned it. Virtanen got sent down because he earned it. Hope that helps you understand.
  6. It wasn't just his speed. He could do things with the puck at that speed 99.9% of players couldn't dream of. The most obvious example was the stick to skate goal. Just look at him EXPLODE through the neutral zone. Nobody skates like that. He was insane - not to mention having the balls to actually try that move while you're going 500mph? and then scoring? just sick. Gretzky, Lemeiux, Crosby... none of those guys could skate and make a move like that.
  7. I don't see any "Christians" executing women in the middle of the street while people film and cheer, do you? https://www.facebook.com/nativeeuropeans/videos/338016376567253/
  8. 2 years after us.
  9. *He was a Philly draft pick. Traded to Columbus for Tostito. Columbus let him go after his ELC expired in 2015. Signed with us as a free agent.
  10. The discount cart at Shoppers Drug Mart?
  11. Chaput has 13 points in 10 games for Utica. Virtanen has 1 assist in 5 games in Utica. So who are our top prospects, in reality?
  12. I watched the Arizona feed for the game. You think WE'RE homers? After the Yotes tied it up there was a brief flurry in the Canucks zone, really hardly worth mentioning but (and I sh* you not) the Yotes broadcasters said "wow when they play like this they are literally unstoppable" while at the same time saying "I'm not sure how Vancouver has won as many games as they have, neither one of their goalies can stop a beach ball"
  13. WTF happened to Mike Smith? This guy used to be a great goalie.... now he makes Cloutier look like Richter. I'm happy for the win but man, he was just awful tonight.