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  1. darkpoet

    Chinese New Year.... Jersey?

    I don't care for it. What's the point? When I turn a hockey game on, I wanna watch hockey. The team wouldn't even be doing this chinese new year schtick if there weren't so many asian people in the metro area. That begs the question: are they doing it to pay lip service, or because they actually care abut chinese people and their traditions, and would even if there were NO asian people in Vancouver. (rhetorical) Obviously it's the former, and it's all about money. They're doing this to cash in on the fact that a certain number of people living in the area are of a specific race. You KNOW there was some pencil neck nerd in a room somewhere that got hired specifically to calculate whether doing something like this would be profitable. I mean come on, let's be honest. And people are calling ME racist in here? LOL ... i'm not the one faking the fact i care about a group of people just to make money! oh yeah.... how much are those jerseys going to cost again??? edit: actually not sure how many of them they could sell. empty apartments can't buy jerseys
  2. darkpoet

    Chinese New Year.... Jersey?

    You're confusing racism, with honesty. Which is kind of.... odd.
  3. darkpoet

    Chinese New Year.... Jersey?

    Maybe in honour of the 20 people enlisted in Canada's Military and the fact that China basically owns Vangkoover, we could send the team on the ice with a few bricks of mighty-mites, wearing dragon-dress, seated in a prop jet from Top Gun A Zamboni could tow the jet around the ice, players throwing firecrackers over the glass, while eating sushi with chopsticks out of WWII aluminum cups stolen from the local Legion display case..... Let's keep hockey , HOCKEY. And keep all the sociopolitical BS out of it.
  4. darkpoet

    Chinese New Year.... Jersey?

    Is this a joke? Seriously
  5. darkpoet

    Trevor Linden Interview TSN1040- January 30

    Translation: Pettersson in Utica if he can't crack the lineup (uh.... how hard can that be) Gaudette may want to sign in Colorado because Linden is the Sedin's beeotch and look how well Kerfoot is playing there after saying NO to the Canucks last year for the exact same reason. Watch where you spit Linden. You may be a hero here, but that's gonna wear thin real quick if you don't pull your head out of your arse.
  6. I'm 100% for pipelines and oil exploration all across Canada so long as 1. it doesn't involve extraction from sands which wastes an evil amount of fresh water 2. we open more refineries and keep it for ourselves and stop selling it to the "global market" only to buy it back at a higher price (fkn DUH) 3. Companies that run these operations are 100% CANADIAN (and not shell entities) and abide by the strictest of regulations to ensure they don't turn the areas they work, into post-apocalyptic landscapes. Of course, Traeudink will never allow such common sense to ever invade Canada as it would allow our nation to prosper, and would interfere with his life ambition of helping minorities, specifically those non-citizens who currently reside outside of Canada or are actively seeking to gain citizenship. The guy needs votes, eh? His daddy sold us all down the river in 1973. Apple fall far from the tree much? /rant
  7. darkpoet

    [PGT] Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks

    MacKinnon pissed him off giving him the stick and shiv all night. Poke the hive you get stung, son GREAT (clean) response by Edler.
  8. darkpoet

    [PGT] Colorado Avalanche vs. Vancouver Canucks

    yeah. it won't be so hilarious when Bettmans expansion darlings %$#ing annihilate us Feb. 23rd
  9. I just checked. We own his rights until July 1, 2022. His contract in the KHL is up in 2021. In order to buyout, the remaining 2/3rds of the contract need to be paid - however long that is. So the closer to the end of the contract, the less $ that will be. I know he said that in the summer but things can change in a hurry... just ask Colorado.... (source: https://canucksarmy.com/2017/05/01/report-tryamkin-contract-in-khl-is-for-three-years/ ) source: https://thehockeywriters.com/nikita-tryamkin-comfortable-home-khl/
  10. He's sporting some Kevin Bieksian style humor here... steals the camera from the camera guy and starts filming....
  11. Throw $4-5M at Tryamkin and see how that flies. Then you have a guy that actually DOES manhandle dudes, and has some serious offensive upside as well. When was the last time you saw Guddy do this? That's Chris Stewart - all 6'2 and 242 lbs of him that Nikky swats away like a bug. Getzlaf is no slouch either at 6'4 225lbs and also gets brushed off. Vancouver still owns Tryamkins rights for 2 more years I believe. Hopefully live and let live and get that guy back here, because if he "loses" a future spot on this roster because some artard decided to pay Guddy $5-6M a year I'm gonna set myself on fire. Keep that line open Benning because guys 6'7" 265 lbs that skate like a 6'er and rush end-end don't exactly grow on trees.
  12. you're one of those crazy list people aren't you lol
  13. The problem remains that he's making $3.5M and will want a raise. How much is the issue. If it's $5M+ Benning should immediately walk and flip him for something else we need. There are a lot of good defencemen (better, more mobile, tougher, and with more scoring touch than Guddy) in the $4-5M range on this list.... http://www.spotrac.com/nhl/rankings/cap-hit/defenseman/ I mean if the guy could put up 15 or 20 points a season I could see it. But he's only put up 52 points in SEVEN YEARS. (7 points per year) Not 100% against him staying but if Dorsett hadn't been forced to retire I think Guddys gone at the deadline. His only leverage the way I see it, is that he brings some "toughness" to a team that's now softer than an old man's peekaboo
  14. darkpoet

    Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Agreed. It could have been much worse. Just because a serious injury didn't occur, doesn't mean everything's just honky-dory.... "Mason Raymond collided with Boychuck..." Typical morons... Boychuck gave Raymond a can-opener, then put his head between his legs and drove him ass-first into the boards, breaking his back. This is a good example, because Boston always has at least one stupid $#@hole on their team who will not think twice about putting you in the hospital. We don't want Brock, or Pettersson, or Dahlen, or ?? having to look over their shoulders wondering when they're gonna get rolled. Power play.... pffft.... what good does that do when the guys who make hay on it are all carried off on stretchers.