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  1. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    WTF........... wakey wakey
  2. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I think he is, just not here. The guy has no interest in playing hockey in Vancouver any longer. It's so obvious it's painful. Time to move on, while he's still young enough to garner some draft picks. Pouliot has his ups and downs but he's hands down a far batter passer and generally a quicker player who doesn't shart the bed when under pressure. Come on... even the Edler fan boys here must be seeing this by now. God, he hasn't been a great D man since he creamed Doughty, and that was SEVEN YEARS AGO !
  3. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I was choked during the game when Virtanen was eating popkornz for almost the entire 2nd, but ....... the difference between Green and other coaches who have played obvious head games with players, is in his case I actually think it's going to work. Boeser was scratched for basically no good reason to start the season. why? It's like Green thought of him like an elastic band. He knows what the kid can do, but stretched and stretched and then POW, let him loose. this crap going on with Virtanen is kind of a drawn out (pun intended) version of that. He'll get his time in the sun. We played a great game tonight against a legitimate elite team, and if not for some questionable calls - would have likely won it.
  4. Go watch the CAN Womens team vs. USA in the 2002 Olympics Final If that isn't proof that game fixing exists in hockey, you're surely brain dead and we still won! that's the best part.
  5. no officiating bias? what more proof do you need? they LOOKED at that play and still said WE touched it.... when like, a million other people watching on TV could see what actually happened Fire that POS
  6. didn't care to look hand pass my ass they all know it too. ref = f loser
  7. I care, because they are taking over the game and we have a guy who can hit you like a dump truck with failing brakes, sitting on the bench
  8. Silence! Respect Malcolm Young....
  9. Blues quietly taking over... WHERE TF IS VIRTANEN ?!?!!? even a shift in the 2nd???????????
  10. Hutton Lumme'd that puck, real gud
  11. where's VIRTANEN??????? come on Greener we need a physical presence out here now don;t be a dick
  12. 2 on 1 in the corner = blown coverage don't do that lol keep it simple man your guy and you'll win this game
  13. agreed all we heard was lazy, blah blah all i've seen is opportunistic, great hockey IQ, and passes the puck like a real man