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  1. The puck stops at hamhuis

    More concerning is that you can say a lot of that about the Sedins this year. They are missing passes from each other and getting beat WAY more than I've seen in ages.  
  2. Tanev/edler

    Tanev has been taking a beating recently. Can't wait for Pizza to get back. He's the answer to our PMD issues and was looking like a Norris candidate.
  3. WD is out of his depth

    On average you have to be 10 games over .500 to get into the playoffs.  There's still time obviously, but things are definitely not "fine".  
  4. [GDT] MTL @ VAN | Oct 27 | 7PM | SNV/RDS/CITYM

    Well the Habs are in town and we're undefeated on the road, so I say it's a win for us.  
  5. It's pretty early but here goes: Miller has been great and covered our defences a$$ vs. Calgary(home) and then Anaheim. Speed has been upgraded, along with hunger to win thanks to energy from young guys who are actually playing well (see: Hutton) Zone exits improved thanks to Hutton and Bartkowski. Forecheck improved thanks to Prust/Cracknell/Dorsett Remains to be seen whether Virtanen and/or McCann stick, but Hutton is here to stay. Horvat will improve on his last season. Sutter will end up being a defensive force who helps us win doing all the little things you might not notice. Sedins will score regardless of who's with them (as always) Markstrom is our dark horse. He's ready, and at some point this year he's going to have to put this team on his back. Prediction: 3rd in the Pacific 6th in the West
  6. Virtanen in tonight

    Yup. The defence looked horrible against Calgary on Saturday - they were getting owned for large stretches of time. It wasn't as bad last night but not great either. If not for Miller we'd be 1-2 right now. Markstrom has to get better soon because Miller, at his age, can't be seeing this much rubber every game. As much as it's great to have a couple more guys in Hutton and Bartkowski who can actually move the puck - we need a push at the front end from our forwards by way of a decent forecheck. enter Virtanen.
  7. haha awesome! he skates like a fork !
  8. [PGT] Nucks 5 - Flames 1

    who says he will.
  9. First goal of the season?

    +1 wrister from the slot rings in off the elbow ding!
  10. Yeah I can say with certainty that this stuff works. I used to work on a poultry farm.
  11. I wanna see a good 'ol fashioned shootout where the young guys for both teams just blow the place up. 6-5 Canucks GO!
  12. Why on team 1040 is everyone ripping into Canucks Management?

    Media has a history of being this way in Vancouver, and as far as 1040 goes, they lost all credibility when they fired Tom Larscheid 5 years ago. Now they're just a bunch of nihilistic nincompoops sitting around their grand table trying so hard to convince the rest of us it's not a big circle jerk. Like they say: "You get a bunch of clowns together, and sooner or later you've got a circus" next.
  13. TSN Clowns Pick Vancouver 13th in the West

    There's a big difference saying this team won't make the playoffs, and calling them out for last place (basically) Personally I see them on the bubble, same as last year. As much as our additions are being undervalued - you can say the same about the additions every other team made too. "other teams have gotten better since last year because they added [insert player(s) here]"... yeah well, nobody has played a game yet. Additions mean nothing if they don't work out. I hope they drill those chumps tonight and make a real opening statement.
  14. Canucks Need Hutton

  15. Over or Under Henrik reaches 1000 point

    I'm going to echo what a couple people have said already in that it's going to depend on how much offence is driven from the defense. When Ehrhoff was putting up 45-50 pts from 2009-2011, Hank and Dank were winning scoring titles. There were other contributing factors of course, but that was a big one.