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  1. I was just going to say this. Japan has a hard-on for our lumber. lol They pay top dollar, so let the US do what they want. We'll Keep Canada Great
  2. He needs someone to piss him off. I have a feeling he's generally a "nice guy" but you know what they say about nice guys..... bubbling under that soft accommodating white-knight-ness is a shyt-kicker who's sick and tired of your BS. That needs to be unleashed in him.
  3. I agree with you. I'd like nothing more than for this guy to come into camp with a burr in his butt and start taking names.
  4. I hope you're right, because we sure need it !
  5. The funny thing about being under financial constraints, is that it forces you to seriously evaluate what your players are actually worth. We'd be wise to do the same
  6. It's meaningless in that our season is over tomorrow. But when one of your guys gets his face sliced open and a couple others get put through the boards, you have to have some resolve. (ie: Sutter's *grit and balls*)
  7. I think that's the best way to look at it, and a bridge deal is a smart play. If Guddy balks at it well, ok, see ya laterz If not, ok, go out there and show us what you've got. win/win He is a likable guy which means he's probably a glue guy but he does need to show his nasty side more often (if it;s there at all) because Benning specifically mentioned that was the reason he was brought in - to add some snarl to our back end. I like him as a player. Just want him to do what he's told (and paid handsomely for) to do.
  8. I don't care. HIT SOMEONE! HARD!!
  9. Well there was a reason why Florida traded him. There was a lot of smoke around his alleged extension, and what he was asking. They weren;t willing to pay that, so traded him despite the fact he was a very popular player in their room. Same thing here. He's been around for a few years now, but you can;t expect a huge pay day because of your draft position, when your play doesn;t back it up - and it hasn;t, either in Florida, or here. Like I said, we'll have to see. To me he feels like a solid depth defenceman with some edge. But not a guy worth 4-5M And with regards to the Travis Green issue... I mentioned this a few times over the last couple weeks. The Sedins look loose lately. Even happy. I had an inkling that management spoke to them about making a coaching change next year - and I believe it will be Green. They can't afford to lose him. They almost did already. Look what he did with a totally depleted roster down there. you think WE had it bad? that's not luck.
  10. 2 of the biggest hits of the game were by Iiro Pakarinen He's 6'1 209. Hardly huge. But he used his size. Then you have Sucic, who slashed Stecher in the face. I don;t count that because any coward can make that play, regardless of his size. Sure they have some weight over there, but the players that did the damage tonight were average... Chaput got reamed into the boards, Molino boarded/interfered with (both by Paki) and then Stech with the "accidental" slash to his face. No one did anything after those 3 instances.
  11. We'll have to see. It's not certain how long that wrist of his was bothering him. But after a full year off (basically, with the summer) there won't be any excuses. If he can't step in and hammer the hell out of people then we should move him. He was brought in do do just that, so if he can't or won't... buh bye
  12. Proof's in the pudding? Maroon may not scare anyone (Dorsett and Guddy definitely don't either) but he hits with purpose. Lucic, well, he's a thug, and a big one. He DOES scare people. We don't have one player on this team that will scare anyone. In fact, it's like watching a line of people file their way into church on Sunday morning. Not sure what it is... possibly coaching... you almost NEVER see one of our D staple a guy in our zone on the boards. It's all this poke-check, turn away-from-your man nonsense that just screams "i'm a pussy" ... no wonder teams wander around in our zone for over a minute when they're not even on the power play - we let them! Like Sutter said the other day "Grit and Balls" #severelylacking
  13. Although I see where you;re coming from: Maroon + Lucic make Dorsett and Guddy their Beeotch and you can scratch Dorsett from being any kind of physical presence for the rest of his days. The dude just got his neck fused. /game over
  14. No. Either did I. And the game against Arizona was a howler (pun intended) If anything, this team should get an award for being simultaneously the most entertaining, and awful.