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  1. that's a female? nice herpes too there..... meh I'm done whoa... it's a dude? I'm confused......
  2. So excited to see the post game which will feature some Canucks content wait.......
  3. anddddd there's Hamonic coming in late and grabbing guys from behind loser
  4. I understand the concept, but CBC pulls this crap even when it's not a "hometown" broadcast and vs. the Flames they just happen to pick a town that's in Alberta? No. That is no at accident.
  5. Goldy took a wrister to the junk
  6. LOL another Calgary interview ask me if i'm surprised
  7. there won;t be any separation here in the 3rd if you can't beat em beat ON em
  8. hey salt in the wound! lets show clips from the 90's where the Canucks are getting pawned by the Flames! what's next............
  9. somebody should have told the Canucks this was a road game we might have won it
  10. leave it to the CBC to broadcast a Canucks home game from some sh$#hole town in Alberta and feature nothing buy Albertan BS during intermissions screw you
  11. WTF is going on? Lanny MacDonald played for the Canucks? WHEN?
  12. we need to goon it up in the 3rd those idiots are over there chirping and laughing at us seriously? with SEVEN regulars out now not to mention our entire top line... and you're grinning like you're something special? I want broken teeth. go get em Virt
  13. he should focus on drawing blood instead