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    I wish you so called "scientists" would give this whole chemistry crap a rest.   Every time two players complete a pass or two to each other you start talking about what chemistry them have.  If the chemistry is so great why is Etem still goalless as a Canuck?  

    Oh yeah...Vey is effing red hot.  That was a beauty he fired into his own net.  Especially considering he couldn't hit the other team's net the next game.  
  3. It was a hell of a lot better with Zalewski in the middle.
  4. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Rodin a stud?  HAHAHAHA
  5. Is Prust's time up?

    If Prust ever dresses again at the expense of Virtanen sitting out, I'll be pretty pissed.  
  6. Props to Corey Hirsch

    Hirsch really needs to buy a new suit or two.  Definitely has a face made for radio!  But I must say I do enjoy him.   PJ Stock makes me want to kick the TV in every time he opens his mouth.  If his goal is to say as many stupid things as possible to create controversy, I guess he succeeds.  If he truly believes what he says...then he's the biggest moron around.  
  7. He's probably right...but Sekeres is still an idiot.  
  8. Welcome to the Canucks Alex Biega

    Changed that for you!
  9. Is Prust's time up?

    Hodgson created his own environment, and is now paying the price for it.  Bought out by one team and waived by another within the same year?  See ya!  
  10. Take a look at our "D"

    Well, you would anyhow.  And I don't think the word you are looking for is "descending".
  11. Is Prust's time up?

    Yeah, that's really what McCann needs - to build "chemistry" with a 4th line plumber who likely won't be here past the trade deadline, and certainly won't be back next year.
  12. Take a look at our "D"

    You still assume that all the other GM's are idiots.
  13. Take a look at our "D"

    That's about $12 million in cap space for three wingers in their 30's, all having down years.  There aren't that many stupid GM's in the league.
  14. Take a look at our "D"

    A lot of the problem isn't the D getting the puck out of their own zone - it's the wingers.  Collectively I doubt there is a team in the league whose wingers can't get the puck over the blueline as often as the Canucks.  Too often they rely on one handed efforts to chip the puck out rather than muscle along the boards.
  15. Emerson Etem Could Turn Out To Be Huge

    Or he could turn out to be an underachiever like he was elsewhere.  Too soon to tell.  Most guys look good their frist couple of games.