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  1. TOMapleLaughs

    Town Hall Meeting

    I find it hard to believe that there were no offers for Vrbata. lol at Linden calling up Friedman. If so, thanks.
  2. TOMapleLaughs

    Top 20 Canucks Prospects 2016 with Rankings

    Pffft. Pretty rosy coming from them. Surprised the lot didn't get 8.5D's.
  3. The Canucks weren't allowed to select anything good with these missed picks anyway.

  4. The 4th rounders we would have acquired for both players will surely be missed.

    1. Wilbur


      Will set back the franchise for years!

  5. It's the Big "MEH", 2016.

  6. Bartshi and Granlund for Shink and a 2nd, folks.
  7. I've come to realize that if there's these many definitive comments about management, etc. about such a minor trade, then we're being trolled. This is a 'who cares' trade that everyone is being stirred up to care about. So who gains what in this scenario? Knowing this will reveal the trolls.
  8. TOMapleLaughs

    Benning's Reputation Tied To Shinkaruk

    The fact is that Shinkaruk was surpassed here by younger guys.
  9. TOMapleLaughs

    Markus Granlund Talk

    Was just going looking into it. 89 NHL games played. So no, no longer a prospect again, but a graduated player. However, this is based on HF standards. And who cares about HF? We're in a process picking up guys who could never cut it with their current club. Looks like this could go on for awhile.
  10. At the end of the day, so what?
  11. Weisbrod is being set up as the fall guy. He was in Calgary too I believe.
  12. Alex Daigle was a former 1st rounder. Anyway, if it's Shink and a 2nd for Bartshi and Granlund, then what are we even going on about? Shink's mythical upside is better than Bartshi's? Or the 2nd is better than Granlund? These trades aren't going to make or break either team imho.
  13. I'm not trying to detract Shink here, but Linden Vey was also an AHL all-star.
  14. The Vey defenders of yesteryear have all but grown silent.
  15. The short-term key is they're not healthy. Long-term, who knows. Granlund and Shinkaruk have yet to establish themselves. Maybe Shink just wanted to get going in the NHL and pushed for it? I'm not shocked that he's gone tbh.