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  1. He's got skillz, but I sure wish the 'next captain' talk would cool off. Just let it play out.
  2. Why Nucks should NOT draft Dman with 1st pick in 2016

    I'm wondering if 'left handed or right handed' ever trumped any major scouting factor, anywhere. Or if projected lineups based on fantasy now ever came to fruition deep into the future.
  3. There is a plan... and its Scotty Bowman's

    One's smart, but lacks the NHL pushback, the other is clueless but has the body. If we could only merge Sven and Emerson into one player. Svenerson Baetem (pronounced Beat 'em.)
  4. There is a plan... and its Scotty Bowman's

    Benning's MO so far has been to burn 2nds or disposable prospects on RFA projects. Probably more of that will be coming. If so, that means the major pickups will have to be through the draft. Fine with me as long as the drafting is solid.
  5. Veywatch

    'Vey with the takeaway.' Among things never heard.
  6. Town Hall Meeting

    I find it hard to believe that there were no offers for Vrbata. lol at Linden calling up Friedman. If so, thanks.
  7. There is a plan... and its Scotty Bowman's

    Careful. 'Going after RFA's' is exactly how TO ended up with Kessel. Don't repeat that crap here please.
  8. ARZ Tinordi suspended 20 games

    Oops. There was growing pressure for the kid to amount to something other than a bust, so here we go. I would suspect PED abuse most everywhere in pro sports though.
  9. [Signing] Blackhawks re-sign Marcus Kruger

    He's about that good a player, overall. Much, much better than Dorsett, for instance.
  10. Remembering how some people thought that Fox wasn't utterly made by McDavid, and having a chuckle to myself.
  11. Anti Benning rage on Twitter and other media.

    The trades are minor, really. The signings are hit and miss, but aren't ever-lasting, and honestly right now the team HAS to overpay. So far he's been killing the draft. And he's correctly determined which of the Gillis prospects have the best upside. Overall, what's to complain about so far? The real moves have yet to come. If he starts burning high 1sts for vets, or entitled RFA's, then there's more of a TO-Kessel approach there, and that will be more of a cause for concern. btw, Is Benning scouting amateur prospects like he usually does? With the Canucks out of it, this should be his focus, methinks. I feel that most of the Benning trash-talk comes from people out east. What they have to say is irrelevant. And twitter trolls? Please, come at us with something better than that.
  12. [Signing] Blackhawks re-sign Marcus Kruger

    Not surprised at salary or term.
  13. Get Onboard The Next Chara Hype Train! WOO-WOO!
  14. (Poll) Should we just scratch/waive Vrbata?

    We should. He should be picked up by a team who goes far in the playoffs. And he should be a prominent scorer on that team. And we should be happy for him. If we don't, and this doesn't happen, oh well.