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  1. OMG Windy?

    I'm flying out of YVR tomorrow afternoon.. uh oh
  2. hey man

    been awhile ehh

  3. Suuuuuuuuuup snake.

  4. OMG Snow?

  5. OMG Snow?

    its gonna rain on Monday, i heard its gonna be a high of 12 or 13 degrees
  6. OMG Snow?

    i lol'd, honestly
  7. OMG Snow?

    lol, that just looks dumb now.
  8. woah, i didn't know i had comments,

  9. what version of photoshop did you have (the one where the 30 day trial ended)?

  10. Good luck in the CDCNHLM07 !!--

    Leafs GM (taiter32)