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  1. In his first NHL season as a 21 year old, he's on pace for 43 points, and you're saying his career upside is 60 points? Get a hold of yourself, and give credit where credit is due. Hodgson not only has the on ice vision to make him a 80+ point player in this league but his poise is remarkable. So calm and cool with the puck. I'm sure you were one of the people saying the Sedin's wouldn't make it anywhere in the NHL. I can't wait until Hodgson starts getting more ice time and starts putting up the points that people like you don't expect him to get.
  2. As for viewing spoiler tags on a bb, I'm on desktop version and can view them as well.
  3. I absolutely loved that episode.
  4. Ahahahhah that's awesome! I loved that scene. Kept going back and forth. I had to rewind back and watch it a few times just to follow it. As well the intro where Barney said "We're also a band!" And then they all sing the intro theme song with their instruments was awesome. Great episode. Advanced the story line as far as Barney & Robin are concerned. And for the record I think John Lithgow and NPH should be in more scenes together. Really compliment each other well.
  5. That's exactly what crossed my mind when watching Legendaddy.
  6. It's a whole new direction and i love it too. We'd never seen Barney in this light before, except for the one episode where he introduced his mom. The best part is, they're not taking away from the Barney jokes but adding to the character development. I re-watched Legendaddy again, and i still can't get over the scene of Barney on the car. NPH is an amazing actor. Felt so real.
  7. I really enjoyed the episode last night.
  8. they brought back the bang-bang song.. too awesome!
  9. I'm flying out of YVR tomorrow afternoon.. uh oh
  10. He's making a point that Robin wasn't the mother. The poster above was mad that they found out that Zoe isn't the mother (although it was revealed that she wasn't the mother prior). In episode one, they rule out Robin off the bat.
  11. its on CBS at 8pm tonight. I assume the poster above watched the eastern feed which was on at 5pm pst.
  12. Yup number 5 was the high 5.
  13. hey man

    been awhile ehh

  14. Suuuuuuuuuup snake.

  15. I loved the last episode. Theres only a few episodes a season that really 'advance the plot'. Almost all the episodes are 'fillers'. But the writing on the show is amazing, and it always makes me laugh.