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  1. Tennis

  2. Tennis

    oh man... feds is really choking... has had issue with his first serve all match... wow... double championship points...
  3. Tennis

    this match has been nothing short of amazing. Some of the points have been absolutely insane. We are so lucky to be able to watch a sporting event such as this.
  4. Hahha, Thats good :)... Yes, You were lucky your guys won... Pretty sad loss, Although I didnt actually watch the game but heard it, It seemed like a bad one.. Saved me some tears by not watching.. haha, Done any Christmas shopping yet ?

  5. Ahaha, No problem Buddy=] How was it?

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. np =) © - -Belle*87

  8. happy b-day!!

  9. Happy Birthday=]!!


  11. happy b-day!!