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  1. Gotta love Hutton
  2. Hutton is great anyone got a gif of that?
  3. You should use (make sure to use the ca.). You can pick and choose different parts and there are lots of builds on there you can check out. You can also make a post on the forums and ask for advice, there's lots of knowledgeable people on there.
  4. I had a lot of fun with the open beta. I liked the 64 player conquest mode more than the other two modes. I'll probably stick to BF4 and wait for a price drop though.
  5. ...Wait, what? Morgan's son was in the very first episode and looks nothing like Noah. Rick would have remembered him too. Anyway I'm not that sad Beth is gone. Didn't really like her character. I felt bad watching watching her on Talking Dead though, she kept crying haha.
  6. Yeah I'm not complaining, especially since I never buy any packs in fear of getting rammed . It's made doing collections a lot easier since I have a lot of pucks saved up.
  7. I like to open my collection packs in bulk. Here's what I got so far: First 50 packs: Modano Keith McDonagh Howard Got nothing but Kurri in the next 29 Then got Giroux and MS Fleury in the next 24 collection packs
  8. Shopper's is having a $20 sale of a few games including TLOU, but I doubt you'd be able to find a copy by now
  9. All I've ever gotten from collection packs are 2x Sharp, 2x Okposo, Pacioretty, and J. Staal. :'(
  10. Fack, that picture of his dogs reminds me of the movie Hachi
  11. Just remember that you have to keep backing out and in to the Active Bids screen once you bid on an item to see if someone else has bid on it. Gets pretty annoying when you're in a bid war with someone else and there's less than 20 secs left as you have to keep backing out and in lol
  12. The cards don't auto-update like in previous games. When you bid on an item, you have to back out and in constantly to the My Bids screen to see if you have the highest bid. Just another feature EA left out If you bid on an item with <20 seconds left it will go back to 20
  13. People still think there is ice tilt?
  14. It's a good idea to log in to your router every now and then and see who is connected to it, just in case. Opening up the Network Connections on your local PC might show other PCs on the network but only if they are online.
  15. 6'7? He's 6'11 haha