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  1. This sums it up pretty well. I see nothing more than another first round exit.
  2. Will we finish higher or lower in the standings?

    I'm optimistic that our young forward group will produce and be fun to watch. However, I'm guessing that the kids don't make it to the NHL on D this year, and we roll the same D and goal-tending as last year. For that reason, I can't see much improvement. Our D and goal-tending is weak to average at best.
  3. That's a lot of extra bodies. Can't help but think we're not done yet. Perhaps another move is coming after some more dominos fall?
  4. Winging It In Motown ✔ @wingingitmotown Gary Bettman will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. As a way to honor his accomplishments as a hockey builder, fans will be locked out of the ceremony.
  5. Who are the bottom 10 teams in 2018 - 2019 (Discussion)

    Not trying to be pesimistic, but I'll third this. It's probably realistic.
  6. [Waivers] Alex Burrows

    He's got some serious skills and perseverance. Our young guys could learn a few things from him for sure. He's come through so many times at the most important time it's pretty hard to ignore. Maybe he's not a hall of famer, cup winner, or put up the most points. You cant argue that this guy didn't deliver at the right time though. I hope to see him back in some capacity, whatever that may be.... Edit. The Sedins didn't help him on any of these ones. And there's plenty more as well that are similar.
  7. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Does anybody have the video of Tryamkin pushing Sutter to the bench, after Sutter was injured blocking a shot? I think it was Jan 6, 2017??, but can't find any video. I remember that as one of the "Well, I haven't seen that before" sort of moments.
  8. CapFriendly is showing Chicago with a roster size of 17 with 44 contracts. They need to free up some contracts I suppose. San Jose and Arizona may have to make a similar move?
  9. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

  10. [GDT] 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Despite the need for D, Im hoping for Whalstrom. However, I expect we will probably select Dobson. I think JB and a few other teams will pass on Bouchard since many of the others available seem to have a higher ceiling.
  11. Canucks looking for a new goaltending coach

    What about Martin Brodeur? Isn't his contract up with the Blues expired now? Unlikely to happen.... but wouldn't hurt to ask.
  12. Vancouver Canucks @Canucks · 9m .@tdemko30 will make his @NHL debut today, he's in vs. Columbus.
  13. [TankGDT] Arizona at Buffalo 4PM PST

    Someone's going to get a couple points... Here's to hoping it's a 3 point game. Sabres in OT!
  14. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    This is nearly what they do? They draw 4 numbers numbered 1-14. Each team has pre-assigned combinations. With a little math, a single combination in that scenario has a 1/1001 chance at being selected. Basically, they can assign down to 0.1% with this formula.
  15. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    The format of the draw is so they can be flexible and assign any percentage at any time or draw to any team, without changing the format of the draw. How do you assign 1.2% of a ball into the draw pool? If the format was 1 ball per team with even odds for everyone, then sure, that would work. Truth is though, they change the lottery format from time to time, like we've seen recently. I'm not saying I agree with it, just pointing out the reason for the way it is currently done.