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  1. I didn't realize Bishop is banged up and not playing. They probably aren't going far without him. They are already down a goal, and it's only 5min in....
  2. I voted Blues, not because of which team is the easier or deeper team to play against. That part is debatable. If we can beat the Blues then perhaps our guys would truly believe they could go all the way this year. If Marky stays hot, and we don't play him back to back, we could have a goal tending edge on nearly every team. And on paper, we have quite a bit of firepower up front, if we can stay healthy and out of the penalty box. I like our chances either way. I'm not going to say we are going to win, but I think it's possible if they stick together and stick with the plan. You have to believe....
  3. I like the way that Loui has played, keep him in there. Zack and Olli were great as well. I'd like to see this same lineup in game one next series.
  4. If the oilers get that pick, I hope we see this CBA re-opened asap. Not sure why they didn't implement the "oilers rule" in this last round. I don't think they did anything with the NCAA route either, but I'm not sure?
  5. No idea, but I will post this in his honor.
  6. For the record, I voted Columbus as well.
  7. Funny that the majority think the Blue Jackets take the Leafs. lol