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  1. I'm glad this game is at home. I listen on the radio, so it's nice to hear the goal horn and know it's the good guys And, I hate the coyote howl, so let's shut them down!
  2. What would you call this? Just for fun, I think we should name this kind of "predict the score" call. A RePette, BiPette, TwoPette, DoublePette, TwinPette? Other?
  3. Alright... I'm calling it. Erickson for the empty netter. He's got a job to do, so get it done!!
  4. 5-2 Canucks Canucks score first Jake first goal of 2020 Edler first penalty 2020 Pettersson GWG Canucks with more shots
  5. 3 leafs on the block? Won't be much left after that...