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  1. This pretty much nails it. The NDP ran on the wrong issues, and missed the mark. I fully agree, they could have just run on their own achievements and possibly got better results. At least achieving more respect from the public at minimum.
  2. Maybe it's a bit early for all to see, but there are clear indicators that part of the NDP strategy was to feed on the fears of the LGBTQ community.
  3. Where would you like them to go next? I know a few people... the same people that started the Wild Rose. I'll pass on any suggestions you have? Which specialization? I've been on the island for nearly 20 years as an EE. LGBTQ is not, and should not be the "main" agenda for any election when so many are suffering just finding a job. Hey, I'm all for human rights, but we should all take a step back and recognize that those attacks in this election were orchestrated by the NDP and promoted as a tactic to win votes away from UCP. That's social media at work interfering in an elections as far as I'm concerned.
  4. This is completely ridiculous! I feel it started with the death stare asking if Elias was going back to Sweden after injury. My personal favourite was asking Elias how many minutes he feels he should play... early on in the season. 60 minutes sounds good to me says Elias!!! And the train wreck continues... The Vancouver social media group I feel does a great job. How do we change the "rest of the media" to be more positive? The target(s) of this tweet deserve so much better! @debluvscanucks Any ideas? I'm extra disappointed because I grew up watching Hirsch play net for the Blazers.
  5. You can listen on tunein radio on your phone sportsnet 650.
  6. Well, by now the draw is done. We are just waiting for the results. I wonder if JB is smiling or not?
  7. I'm trying to think of all the tinfoil conspiracy theories that could happen. -colorado goes #1, 2 -edmonton in top three again -philly moves up top three again -draft host gets #1 Did I miss any?
  8. Sportsnet. Haven't heard about any other (video) streams. It's also on Sportsnet 650 radio. It's not like there is much to see. I'll probably just listen on the radio and wait to see if CDC crashes. Hoping for an epic CDC crash
  9. We're long overdue for draft lottery luck. And we are hosting the draft, so Bettman will be stuffing the box to create a conspiracy! We've got this!
  10. I'm not sure why anyone thinks we should change GM or coach? Maybe I'm in the minority, but I think both are doing a very good job. We are rebuilding and I could only imagine being worse off with someone else at the helm. This team competes, we are building from the draft, there is excitement and a chance to win every night. If I was going to change something to benefit the team, it would be the "media reporters" - the ones asking the dumb questions. That doesn't mean all of them, just the ones repeatedly asking moronic questions. It's tough to watch.... embarrassing.... even as a fan watching.
  11. Boeser... delays...passes to Hughes. He skates it out and shoots.. the puck squirts free. The alien recovers it, quick wrister, he scores! That goal was out of this world! That was awesome! More of this please.