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  1. Funny that the majority think the Blue Jackets take the Leafs. lol
  2. Found this today, great memories!
  3. Source: We are doing ok so far. You can't just look at total number of cases and get an idea of where we are at. Using Canada's numbers is a bit tainted, because Ontario and Quebec aren't doing as well. I think with a further push and stricter measures here in BC, we could actually start to see a decline. However, there is still far too many people out in parks, on the streets, and meeting for coffee (at a distance) at the beach. I fear there is too much complacency. I hope this trend holds or gets better though, but who knows. I choose to stay home to not be part of the problem.
  4. So, do the Leafs make the playoffs then?
  5. Final score 0-0 tie Nobody scores PS @goalie13, thanks for all your hard work in putting this together. It's been fun so far. Hopefully we can continue soon.
  6. Sounds like there is a news conference this afternoon to make "whatever it is"... official. Pierre LeBrun Retweeted James Duthie @tsnjamesduthie TSN 4 is on live with coverage of Covid 19, leading up to the NHL announcement this afternoon, and beyond. All the insiders will be in. 9:05 AM · Mar 12, 2020·Twitter for iPhone
  7. Best top six I've seen in quite a while! Not a stretch to put Jake up there too. Now if we can just play well defensively. Limit shots to the outside, stay out of the box, and minimize odd man rushes, we're set.