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  1. I'd say LA, San Jose, Anaheim. Vegas. The last one is a mystery. If I was in such position, I'd waste the last pick as not a real option.'s an option, but not a realistic trade option.
  2. This team is good, but just not quite good enough. I can't tell where they are going with this
  3. Powerplay? We decline....
  4. speechless..... shouldn't happen
  5. how the F did that not go in? wth
  6. I'm calling Granny to tie it up.
  7. Larsen is too small. He is unable to adjust for his size in this league.
  8. Win da turd! We've got this. Scorevat, Burr or hank will find a way. Believe in blue. Larsen can go on waivers
  9. I'm calling Scorevat for the next one.
  10. We are all thinking the same thing
  11. Wouldn't mind seeing a BoHatrick
  12. Everyone deserves a chance to make a mistake in the NHL. Larsen has used up his chances though. Waivers. I've seen enough from earlier in the year. There is no upside here to see...
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing a pizza delivery