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  1. [Discussion] 2017/2018 Calder Prediction.

    If healthy all year.... Brock Boeser.
  2. Anyone catch the shove by Bettman?

    I have to tip the hat to Yahoo sports for saying what we all think about the winners and losers of the 2017 draft. The winner is surprising! WINNER: Gary Bettman The commissioner has basically become a wrestling heel at the NHL Draft, knowing his very presence will draw heat from the crowd. But Bettman took it to another level in Chicago: At one point, with the boos during his opening remarks present but tepid, Bettman told the crowd “c’mon, you can do better than that.” And the floodgates of jeers opened. He’s become self-aware! This is dangerous!
  3. Jonah Gadjovich | LW

    Gadjovictory! This guys a gem.
  4. [GDT] 2017 NHL Entry Draft

    I see a little of this in our future: #Gadjovicktory
  5. [GDT] 2017 NHL Entry Draft

    I'm ok with trading the pick, as long as it's for two picks...
  6. The new Adidas Jerseys watch

    Saw this on twitter earlier. Not my work, but well done!
  7. He did an excellent job when he had the right players to work with. The following year, we were missing that RHD, and it was too hard to make the system work. The guy has creativity in his style and willing to try new things. He would be a decent choice. How much worse could our PP possibly get?
  8. Every year, every GM says they would be open to moving up or down in the draft or listening to offers. We all know how that turns out. Nothing to see here. Response from every GM: We are happy to make our pick at ___ and get a good player.
  9. Provincial Election Thread

    Safety is a good topic. First, a pipeline compared to any other shipping method is the "safest" choice, when compared to rail etc. However, with the ever increasing greed and lust for profit, who controls the oil pressure in that pipe? The higher the pressure, the greater the flow, and the greater the risk. Should a company that's mandate is to profit also monitor it's own safety? Similar thing for the marine safety group that has yet to materialise. What's to stop the feds from cutting that team out of the next budget? What's stopping them from changing the piloting rules? I think the project will get done. I'm worried about the safety aspects as much as the next person. I just don't trust corporations or government (who stand to profit), from staying at arms length and providing the right safeguards. It's a conflict of interest and ethics no matter how you slice it. Whatever deal is struck needs to be binding for the life of the project, not just the current government term. (ie the marine safety group stays until the pipeline is retired) The safety oversight needs to come from a group that is at arms length and doesn't stand to profit from the oil being shipped.
  10. Name That Canuck!

    Kevin Bieksa
  11. Provincial Election Thread

    What I mean is, I think somewhere in Delta or Ladner area makes more sense. There's little infrastructure there, but we could build it. Risks could be lowered with a deeper port closer to open water. With the current plan, not only are bridges navigational hazards, there is the low tides to deal with as well. One or two pilots having a bad day could spell disaster, because the room for error is so small.
  12. Provincial Election Thread

    I'll drop this link here so people can see for themselves: The legend tells you what the colours mean: -Red is generally oil tanker, -Green is cargo -Blue are ferries or passenger vessels. We should realise, the Americans have been shipping oil via the Salish sea for decades. Again, check the map and see for yourself. The outgoing shipping lane is on the Canadian side of the water. However, I'm not saying I fully agree with the project. I think the choice of port location is poor. I also think they should ship a more refined product. Even the American's don't want us to ship Bitumen as a product near the precious San Juan Islands. With the right concessions, the project could be much safer.
  13. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    It's a real possibility. It would be very fitting and I hope it happens Just one more dragon to slay. Game 7 overtime GWG in the final. #NotTooMuchToAsk
  14. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    He's still in the running for the cup! They will be in tough against Pittsburg, but I have a hunch we will see the dragon slayed one more time....
  15. Provincial Election Thread I'm not sure we will see a coalition, period. Their own code of conduct permits free votes in the Legislature for everything except a vote of confidence. (I encourage you to read the rest, it's refreshing). It will be easy for them to vote along party lines for the things outlined in their own plan: eliminating corporate and union donations. However, when it comes to the budget, I expect to see significant debate. Even if the one riding flips Liberal, the majority would already be in jeopardy before it started. It wouldn't take much of a mistake to bring on a vote of confidence. That fear alone may be enough for us to see some positive change. The Liberals have no choice but to play nice for now.