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  1. Arrogance can lead one to miss, or misinterpret, the details... even if you started out as an informed fan. EDIT: I'll take rookie Linden and Benning and a serving of patience over an informed fan wanna be GM who is arrogant enough to think hes "in the know" and can actually be a GM. And others have said this already, but we needed those 22-26 year olds because Gillis and co couldn't draft. We had a HUGE age gap. I'm surprised an informed fan such as yourself would overlook or undervalue such a thing within your organization.
  2. AHHAHAHAHHhaHAHAHahhahAHHAHAHahHAHAHAhAHahhahahahahAHAHAhahahahhahAHAHHAHAhahahaHAHAHahaha...yeah... do you remember last year we were written off as bottom feeders? and as u pointed out, we finished 8th. Hey look it looks like we're gonna be bottom feeders again this year, right?
  3. We took an undrafted lack and developed him into a tradable asset. We got the 66th overall draft pick in a very deep draft year. So it was far from a waste.
  4. 3 goalies with 1 way contracts say differently................. (see my previous post)
  5. I've stopped listening to fan reactions. Most fans of our team don't have the intuition and hockey builder's IQ to really understand what's going on. Not in just this situation, but in several situations in our history.