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  1. Thank you God!
  2. Come on Kane! Please end this! We don't need the points!
  3. Because the loses are great if a STH (even just one icepack subscriber) drops out. My prediction is this: 1. some lower bowl STH folks that are real fans will want to keep their tickets but would move up to the cheaper upper bowl seats. 2. the cooperate STH (suite or just seat owners) will continue to pay up. It is a business decision for them. 3. Some upperbowl seats and a lot more lower bowl seats will be available for the Blueline (waitlist) people. the sellout streak will end but we will still have a good portion of the rink filled. the reality is a lot of us are addicted to the's like crack cocaine....we know it is bad (for our wallets) but we keep coming back for more.