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  1. Young and elite very rarely get to FA these days. Canucks got the best fit they could. I'm happy with this and I think the Canucks may surprise a few teams next year.
  2. Edmonton getting it together, we could be in for a bit of pain the next few years.
  3. Okposo and Yandle would be very nice if we could fit them in.
  4. Haven't you heard? They went 1 and 2 in the lottery.
  5. Some ESPN journo on Twitter has said the Oilers have got number 1. How would he know this? Surely that's BS
  6. Such an ignorant reply, he hardly played with the Sedins all season.
  7. He's being a baby BUT the Canucks sure missed a trick not playin him with the Sedins this year. Imagine what a 25 goal Vrbata would have got us at the deadline. Poor asset management when you think about it. Hell, most fans knew at Christmas this team was on a downward spiral, that was the time when he should have been on the top line.
  8. He was my favourite Canuck player since Bert.
  9. Is that right? For some reason I thought if the Canucks finish sixth from bottom the lowest they pick is seven (if a team with a better record gets the lottery slot) Anyone help on this?
  10. Good thread young man
  11. Bye bye Matthews and the Finns
  12. Honestly, some of the threads on here are ridiculous. There's no conspiracy, it's just some of the fan base are cry babies
  13. Biggest game of the season tonight. go Jets.
  14. Man, it was all 'We need Matthews' earlier in the season and now you guys are talking about trading him. You don't trade a Matthews.
  15. Ffs can't even tank properly. Flames and jets won as well .