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  1. Good call! And a huge win for Utica. Not many teams get points against WBS
  2. Smh at people adding Horvat in trade talks. No way will JB let him go
  3. Edler hurts us now. No big loss if he went, unfortunately he's very comfortable in Vancouver
  4. More grinders then. Cheers Jim
  5. You know you're a bad team when you have Megna on the top line
  6. No chance he's a better coach than Torts. He's a below average coach who shouldn't be anywhere near the NHL
  7. Haaaaaa, this team is s**t Players past it, prospects not that great, verrrrry bad coach. lots of pain for 5 years Meanwhile in Montreal...... Canadiens 1 Blue Jackets 2 that Torts guy gets his teams working harddddddd ( that's if the players buy in to that way of thinking) Says a lot about our group a few years back.
  8. Torts has got CBJ rolling. He's a better coach than most of you like to think. He excels with young and energetic teams, our old, slow vets couldn't handle his demands.
  9. Benning better be swotting up on those potential top 5 draft prospects as there is no way this team is getting anywhere near the playoffs #dreamers
  10. It's going to be really painful. Our prospect pool is seriously over-rated as well. Other teams have way better prospects than us and we are playing catch up. im just looking forward to oldnews say how he's happy at the way this team is going and that players like Granlund and Eriksson have improved us no end
  11. Canucks are real gud at being bad
  12. Is that right? I cant locate the CBC sports app in the App Store though?
  13. Yea I look forward to another 6mil a season spent on another Loui Eriksson.
  14. I have been a member of team tank since the trade deadline before the loss to the Flames in the playoffs. Even then I could see this team was going nowhere but in a downward spiral. The management had chances then to trade fringe players for picks but didn't bother because they thought they could do some damage in the playoffs. Ha! What a freaking joke. Fast forward and again chances to offload players at the trade deadline and yet again failed to do so. Myself and a few others on team tank were getting stick from posters saying we weren't true fans when we were saying it was best to lose that year to get a top three pick. What was it I heard 'the real fans' say. Oh yes those late season wins would be good for the team in the long run. Nope, it blew this teams chances of speeding up a rebuild by missing out on a player like Laine or even a better chance of getting Matthews. Now this team is in a world of hurt, At least four years maybe more, we'll get to see if those 'real fans' stick around through all the crap you are witnessing on the ice. It's only gonna get worse so prepare yourselves.