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  1. They'll love him in Ottawa - good to see a player leave here on a good note knowing Canuck fans will actually miss and that we hope the best for him in Ottawa. I think he has overall been my favourite Canuck for the last 10 years.
  2. This may be the reality check most of us have been waiting 3 games for. 4-0 Kings
  3. I'm not going to knock desjardins as a coach because unlike the rest I realize there's a reason he's an nhl coach and we aren't but did he still he his timeout in the 3rd or did I miss something?
  4. Didn't you say you were the goalie?
  5. Was just kinda playin around
  6. True ... whenever I can't watch a Canucks game 7 playoff game and don't want to know what happened I always avoid the Star Wars message boards.
  7. Was just going to say ... eventually Luongo will shut the door. Then he makes that glove save (I'm still kinda luuuing on the inside)
  8. Somebody mentioned beer league team earlier ... this entire game is very beer league like!
  9. Reminds me of this one
  10. Guys stop! There are more important matters at hand such as why do I only have 300 and something posts now?!?!?!
  11. I don't know who that assistant coach is that keeps making the call on these challenges, but after his last two challenges I think somebody else needs to be in charge of that iPad.
  12. We can do it inside out we have a pretty decent sized field out back, or a parking lot.
  13. Hey CDC, I need help! I am in charge of coming up with an activity of some sort for the youth group I'm a leader in. I need to eat up an hour of time and come up with some type of activity with the following criteria: -Looking for something mentally tough -Needs to be able to be done by 4 separate teams in a competition mode. This can either be by finishing fastest or completing the most tasks, etc. -Each team will be about 5-10 people ages 13-19. Trying to make it tough of their brains and challenging by either making them think outside the box or work together/trust each other to complete what they need to. Any ideas?
  14. The funny thing about this is, everybody on this board is making fun of the Flames fans for crying conspiracy, saying the league wants them to lose etc. Ummm, is this everybody's first day on this board? Crying about how the Canucks get screwed over is 95% of the content on here after pretty much every loss.
  15. This seems to come up multiple times every year and I haven't chimed in with my viewpoint in a while so here goes: It's very unfair to judge the noise of a crowd based on what you hear through the television. There are so many factors that go into how things come through TV including the mics in the arena, the channel broadcasting, heck sometimes even your TV can have an effect. I have now seen games in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Anaheim, Toronto (ACC), Ottawa (CTC), Detroit and Buffalo. Now of course the excitement level of a game and whether the home team is winning or not is always going to be a factor too but from my experience Rogers Arena (where I have seen maybe 10 games in my life) on average is just as loud as any other rink. In fact I would say from the buildings I've been in only Buffalo was noticeable louder (they had a good team at the time). The building that I remember being louder than all of those though? The Pacific Coliseum.